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Sculpey Air-Dry™ Painted Tile

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Easy to make tile makes the perfect gift!
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Sculpey Air-Dry™ Painted Tile
Sculpey Air-Dry™ Painted Tile

In stock


    • Large oval metal cutter
    • Paint Brush
    • Acrylic paint: Ivory, Burgundy, Blue, Green

    Project Instructions

     Start with clean hands and work surface area. Good work surfaces include wax paper or disposable foil. Wash hands after use.

    Using Acrylic Roller roll out a sheet of clay about 1/8 inch thick.   Using the rigid blade from the Super Slicer cut out a 4” x 4” square to make tile shape. Using the large oval metal cutter gently press designs into clay, making sure you are not pressing all the way through.  Make 4 impressions in the center and on the edges as shown.  Using the eye and round cutters from the Mini Cutter set make 4 round impressions inside the larger oval impressions and 4 eye impressions in-between the large ovals as shown.

    Set aside tile to dry completely. Paint with acrylic paints and allow to dry completely.