We thank you for all of the support you give to your students and how much you do for them! We would like to give something extra to you and help to support your teaching efforts! Without amazing teachers like you some kids might never get the chance to be creative! Incorporating art into the classroom helps build confidence, communication skills and improved cognition. We have curated some products perfect for group activities and classrooms. We have also selected some interesting kid approved projects for you to try in your classes!

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As a teacher, you're always looking for new ways to encourage and inspire your students, and incorporating crafts into your classroom is a great method for doing just that! We have an extensive selection of Sculpey® clay for teachers, perfect for your students' first crafts. We've also carefully crafted different clay ideas for you and your students to bring to life during your next clay sessions.

Tips to Share With Students

Your students are sure to love crafting with our Sculpey® clay, and you'll enjoy seeing their imaginations run wild just as much. To make sure your students get the most from their craft time, share a few of our crafting tips with them:

- Store your clay the right wayEven though our clays won't get hard, you can store your different clay types and colors in individual bags for effective organization. 

- Sanitize your hands: Hand sanitizer dissolves polymer clay and will get rid of any clay residue, which is ideal if you're done with your design or switching colors.

- Use the right decorations: After your clay creation is baked, you can further customize it with long-lasting acrylic paints. Other products like markers or sharpies will fade.

- Knead your clay to begin : To start your project right, knead your clay for at least five minutes, which will soften it and make it even easier to sculpt. 

Ideas for Clay Projects in the Classroom

Whether you're an art teacher or are using clay as an in-class activity, it's always a good idea to have a craft for your students in mind. To provide inspiration, we have a range of Sculpey® clay ideas you and your students can create individually or together:

- Window bugs: Show your students how to make colorful window clings shaped like insects and butterflies. Then, decorate the classroom with their creations.

- 3D solar system: Crafting a solar system will teach your students about the planets and allow their imagination to take off. You can even display it when it's complete.

- Volcano diorama: To wow your students, work together to create an erupting volcano. Shape the clay around a water bottle to make it really explode when you're done.

Special Products for Teachers

We make a range of products specifically designed for your classroom crafting sessions. These Sculpey® materials are easy to use, so no matter your students' ages, crafting can be an easy and enjoyable activity everyone will look forward to. 

From easy-to-sculpt clays to versatile cutting and shaping accessories, our offerings will encourage your students to enjoy crafting and create their exact vision. Some of our items include:

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If you're interested in teaching clay techniques to your students or incorporating our crafts into your class time, browse our clays for teachers. We offer a wide range of different formulas and accessories that will make your students excited to create their own designs. At Sculpey®, we supply the tools, and you — and your students — supply the creativity!