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Using Sculpey Clays :

Whether it’s mixed media, beadwork, sculpting, or home decor, clay allows us to express our imaginations through our hands — and the medium that allows the most possibilities is polymer oven bake clay. Here’s why:

  • It’s Easy-Unlike other forms of clay that crack, dry out or need to be constantly reinforced with water and recycled with a machine, polymer clay is flexible, workable and soft until you decide to bake it in your home oven.
  • It’s Versatile- Are you a jewelry-maker? A sculptor? Or a lover of crafts? Polymer clay is perfect for you — because it’s perfect for every project!
  • It’s for Everyone-Whether you’re a seasoned clayer, an eager beginner or a lover of crafting with kids, polymer clay is a great choice for creativity

Are you wondering where to buy clay? We have clays for sale that are high-quality, made of flexible material, and innovative. Some of our top clay brands include Sculpey III®, Sculpey Premo™, Sculpey® Soufflé and Super Sculpey® for sculpting, we’re the best place to buy clay online. Begin your journey of creative discovery today with the best polymer clay available for crafters!

About Us:

Sculpey clay was invented in 1967 as a thermal transfer compound. Even though it was unsuccessful for this purpose, it soon became a highly versatile medium for the craft industry. We traveled across the country to craft shows, street fairs, and art stores to get Sculpey clay into the hands of crafters. From our small grassroots efforts, Sculpey clay has grown into a popular brand of polymer clay that can be found in major retail stores across the United States.

At Sculpey, our vision is a world where everyone has the courage to express themselves creatively through crafting. Since our start, our mission has been to inspire people to realize their creative potential through education and high-quality products. We offer a wide selection of products for crafters at any expertise level.  We sell the best polymer clay on the market. Check out our products for kids, beginners, teachers, and artists.


Get Creative This Summer with Sculpey Clay:


With the kids off for the summer, getting creative is a great way to keep them engaged and entertained. Sculpey has a variety of fun clay projects for your kids to keep them creative all summer long. Whether your child is a beginner or has more experience working with polymer clay, we have a clay line that matches their experience level. We also have how-to project tutorials that feature step-by-step instructions making it easy for you and your kids to follow along. Find the right projects for your kids to test out this summer. Check out some of our top polymer clay projects for kids below: