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Sculpey polymer clay is a premium clay that comes in different formulas perfect for any skill level. We make a variety of clays to cover all of your DIY needs from jewelry making, home décor, sculpting, mixed media and more! We also offer a larger variety of tools, cutters and molds that make the perfect place to get all of your clay crafting supplies!

  • It will not dry out – with other clay, you have to worry about finishing your project in one sitting because the clay will dry out and become unusable. Polymer clay stays soft until you bake it in your home oven.
  • Durable – When you create with polymer clay your items will not crack, shatter or break easily. Polymer clay starts out soft but when baked in your home oven it becomes strong and durable. Jewelry is one of the top things people make from polymer clay and you can wear it without worrying that it will fall apart.
  • Versatile - You can make jewelry, home décor, sculptures, mixed media and much more! Sculpey® clays can be used with other crafting mediums to enhance crafts that you already make or participate in.


Polymer clay is a type of clay, but it comes from a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) base. PVC is a synthetic plastic polymer, and its number three when it comes to the most widely produced synthetic plastic polymers in the world. Because of its foundation, as well as additional ingredients, polymer clay stays soft and retains its color and size when baked, which leads to its use as a crafting material. Sculpey® oven-bake clays are man-made materials that can be cured in a standard oven or toaster oven according to the instructions on the package between 250°F – 285°F, depending upon the polymer clay brand you are using.

We offer a wide variety of brands perfect for whatever you are creating!


  • Super Sculpey is a professional sculpting clay used by sculptors all over the world. It comes in 3 different firmness levels – Soft, Medium and Firm. All are shatter resistant, take paint beautifully and are perfect for fine tooling and detailing. Available in Beige and Gray colors. Comes in 1 lb. and 8 lb. bars.
  • Living Doll - Professional quality specially formulated for doll making. Blended lines easily disappear to make smooth, realistic looking skin. Strong and durable after baking. Takes paint beautifully. Can be sanded, drilled and carved after baking. Available in Baby, Beige and Light. Comes in 1 lb. bars.


  • Premo - Artist color palettes for precise color mixing. Holds fine details, maintains crisp lines and does not bleed. When baked, provides premium strength and flexibility. Perfect for advanced techniques like caning, mokume gane and skinner blends. This line has specialty clays like metallics, glitters, fluorescents, granite and opal and comes in 54 deeply saturated colors. Available in 2 oz., 8 oz., 1 lb. bars and multi-color packs.
  • Soufflé - Strong, self-supporting and holds fine details. Best clay for stamping, alcohol markers and inks. Takes textures and maintains clean lines, does not drag when sliced. Extremely flexible can be cut and sewn after baking – perfect for embellishing bags, making tags, enhancing paper crafting and more! Bakes to a beautiful suede finish. Available in 25 trendy colors. Available in 1.7 oz., 7 oz. bars and multi-color packs.
  • Liquid Sculpey - Liquid polymer clay starts out as a liquid and bakes to a flexible, strong solid piece! Add items such as glitter, spices, dried flowers and metal pieces to add interest to your creations before baking! Create custom colors by tinting with alcohol inks. Excellent leveling properties, which allow it to be baked in sheets and poured into metal jewelry findings. Perfect for use in oven safe silicone molds. Available in 17 colors in matte, metallic and transparent hues. Comes in 1 oz. bottles, 2 oz. bottles and multi-color packs.


Original Sculpey - As America’s first oven bake clay, Original Sculpey® has been in the hands of kids, parents and teachers for generations. It is soft and easy to sculpt with making it great for kids and beginners! In the classroom –offers an inexpensive way to let children explore their creativity. After baking, it can be sanded, drilled, carved and painted with water-based acrylic paints. Comes in 3 colors – White, Terra Cotta and Granite. Available in 1 lb., 1.75 lb., 3.85 lb., 8 lb. and 24 lb.

Sculpey III – a great introduction to oven-bake clay. It is soft, easy to use and comes in a variety of 44 vibrant colors! Great for beginners, general crafters and kid/parent projects due to its soft, easy to use texture. Available in 2 oz., 8 oz., 1 lb. bars and multi-color packs.


Bake Shop - Make. Bake. Learn. We offer a variety of clay that is perfect for kids! Clays that erase, glow and even bend like rubber! Bake Shop clay is soft for little hands!


Sculpey Air Dry is perfect for sculptures, jewelry and school projects! This air-dry modeling clay is a durable, lightweight medium that is incredibly pliable and easy to shape. Sculpey Air-Dry clay does not require an oven to cure and dries within 24 hours. Just wait for the clay to dry and decorate with markers or paint to bring your creative vision to life!

Sculpey Non-Dry clay is perfect for sculpting, claymation videos and hours of creative fun! Sculpey Non-Dry clay is a safe, non-toxic medium that never dries out or hardens. Beginners and seasoned clayers can reuse Sculpey Non-Dry™ clay over and over, making it ideal for freehand modeling and mold-making applications.


We also offer a line of innovative tools designed specifically for working with oven bake clay. Sculpey Tools covers all of your rolling, shaping, molding, cutting and detailing needs!