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Sculpey Tools™ Sculpting Tool Set

Sculpey Tools™ Sculpting Tool Set

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The 8 Piece Sculpting Set has traditionally been used for pottery projects, but it also has unique applications for oven-bake clay. 

  • Perfect for cutting, carving shaping, sculpting and detailing oven-bake clay before baking.
  • Set includes:
  • Needle Tool – cutting clay strips, designs in clay, and making holes in beads. 
  • Loop Tool – trim or refine the shape and control wall thickness. 
  • Ribbon Tool – light cutting and trimming of clay and adding design detail. 
  •  Potters Rib – opening, shaping, smoothing, and trimming clay. 
  • Wire Cutter – sectioning large pieces of clay and cutting pots off the wheel. 
  • Sponge – transporting water to the clay when it is being worked, and absorbs and transfers water away from clay when being thrown. Also works great for applying antiquing medium to finished oven-bake clay pieces. 
  • Wood Modeling Tool – features 2 unique heads that are great for shaping clay.
  • Steel Scraper – shaping, smoothing and trimming clay shapes.
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Get Creative With Our Clay Sculpture Tool Set

While many household items can serve as sculpting tools, it's best to have a specialized tool set if you have a specific creation in mind. You'll be able to improve your crafting techniques and form more complex shapes and designs for a one-of-a-kind treasure.

Whether you're new to working with clay or a seasoned crafter, our Sculpey Tools™ Sculpting Tool Set makes bringing your project ideas to life fun and easy. This handy kit includes tools for shaping, trimming and refining your creation. Our clay sculpture tool set lets you add unique details and personal touches to your jewelry, home decor and other crafts.

Eight Polymer Clay Tools, Countless Ways to Create

You can let your imagination soar with the eight-piece clay sculpture tool set from Sculpey®. We design our sculpting tools to enhance your crafting experience by being as versatile as our Sculpey® clay products. This tool set can provide all the functions you need to ensure your project turns out the way you envisioned it. You can hone your crafting skills and make more elaborate designs with our:

  • Needle tool: Perfect for making precise cuts, engraving designs and piercing holes in small crafts.
  • Loop tool: Further refine your clay into the ideal shape and even control wall thickness for projects like vases.
  • Ribbon tool: Incorporate more accurate trims and additional design details.
  • Potter's rib: Open, shape and smooth your clay to create the ideal canvas for more intricate embellishments.
  • Wire cutter: Section your clay into manageable chunks and safely remove your clay pots from the pottery wheel.
  • Sponge: Helps you manage the amount of water in your clay, keeping it soft or dry as needed. Also excellent for applying antiquing medium to your completed pieces.
  • Wood modeling tool: Has two unique ends, allowing you to form various shapes and contours.
  • Steel scraper: Another way to smooth, shape and trim your shapes. Lighter than a potter's rib and ideal for wet clay.

Make sure you clean your tools regularly so you'll be ready to craft whenever inspiration strikes.

What Else Do I Need to Start Working With Clay?

The short answer? Not much! Working with clay is an accessible activity that anyone can jump into, from 8-year-old children to craft-savvy adults. Once you have your tools, all you need to start creating is:

Buy Innovative Clay Sculpting Tools From Sculpey®

For over five decades, Sculpey® has supplied you with the mediums, high-quality clay and utensils you need to unleash your creativity. Our tool set provides you with an infinite amount of ways to add your own distinctive flair. Order your Sculpey Tools™ Sculpting Tool Set today!

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