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Sculpey Air-Dry™

Sculpey Air-Dry™

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Easy to smooth, lightweight and durable, making sculpting and crafting fun!

  • Ideal for craft and jewelry projects!
  • Perfect for making keepsake prints
  • Classic Terra Cotta or Bright White color
  • Decorate dry projects using markers or acrylic paints.
  • Clay can be colored by adding oil paints and kneading until color is fully incorporated
  • Air dries – no baking required
  • Store unused clay in an air tight container
  • Safe and non-toxic!


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Air-Dry Polymer Clay From Sculpey®

Sculpey® Air-Dry™ clay is one of two air-dry modeling clays offered by Sculpey® — the other being Sculpey® Air-Dry™ Porcelain Clay. You can choose between classic terra cotta or bright white air-dry clay for your next project.

At Sculpey®, we love air-dry model clay because it's easy to work with and dries on its own without baking. Our formula is lightweight and smooth with a fibrous composition that makes it perfect for little hands that aren't as strong yet. Because it's able to dry on its own, you can use it to craft even when you don't have access to an oven, like in a classroom or daycare setting.

Features of Sculpey® Air-Dry™ polymer clay include:

  • Ability to air-dry
  • Nontoxic and safe
  • Perfect for keepsake prints
  • Suitable for a multitude of projects
  • Durable and hard once completely dry
  • Ideal for making jewelry and holiday-themed ornaments
  • Exceptional malleability offers limitless possibilities
  • Compact and durable, making crafting and sculpting incredibly fun
  • Can be carved, drilled, sanded and painted with markers or acrylic-based paints

Tips for Working With Sculpey® Air-Dry™ Polymer Clay

When you create something, you want to have fun and end up with a project you can be proud of. If you've never worked with air-dry clay before, you'll probably want some guidance before you get started to ensure you finish with your desired results.

Air-dry clay is slightly different than regular oven-baked polymer clay — it's got a fibrous texture and particular handling instructions. For the best results, keep the following tips in mind when crafting with air-dry polymer clay:

  • Plan to work on a nonporous, well-cleaned and smooth surface. We recommend a metal sheet, ceramic tile, index cards, aluminum foil or the Sculpey® Oven-Safe Work Mat.
  • Try to open only what you need at one time and leave the rest of the clay tightly sealed or wrapped in storage. Air-dry polymer clay is designed to air-dry and may harden prematurely if left unsealed.
  • As you work, cover any extra clay you're not handling with a damp paper towel to keep it from drying.
  • Knead the Sculpey® Air-Dry™ clay before shaping it into your desired creations.
  • Lay or stand your air-dry polymer clay projects on one of the surfaces listed above in an area with low humidity.
  • Let your work remain undisturbed and untouched for approximately two hours to ensure the piece completely dries.
  • Use a combination of multimedia materials, crafting tools and your hands to mold air-dry clay into the design or shape you desire.
  • Remember, the sky's the limit — create unique textures and patterns and incorporate mixed media elements where you see fit!

While your Sculpey® Air-Dry™ creations will dry on their own, you can also cure more quickly by baking them in your oven at 200° F. The baking duration depends on your clay's thickness — thin pieces should bake for a minimum of 20 minutes, while thick pieces should bake longer with frequent checks for hardness.

If you buy your air-dry clay in bulk and don't use it all at once, you can extend the shelf-life on any unopened packages by placing them in an airtight container.

Start Crafting With Air-Dry Polymer Clay Today

For over 50 years, Sculpey® has been bringing high-quality products from our business to your home. We strive to help you bring your imagination to life with inspiring pieces from talented artists and clayers worldwide. When you're ready to get started, browse our air-dry polymer clay line, as well as tools and accessories designed to make crafting easy and fun.

Order Sculpey® Air-Dry™ polymer clay online today and bring your unique visions to life with flair.

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