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Home Sculpey Air-Dry™ Porcelain Clay 1.1 lb

Sculpey Air-Dry™ Porcelain Clay 1.1 lb

Sculpey Air-Dry™ Porcelain Clay 1.1 lb

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Sculpey Air-Dry™ Porcelain Clay is a smooth translucent porcelain-like clay that is hard and durable once dry.  

  • Ideal for making realistic looking flowers, jewelry and detailed figurines
  • Decorate dry projects using markers or acrylic paints. 
  • Clay can be colored by adding oil paints and kneading until color is fully incorporated
  • Air dries – no baking required 
  • Store unused clay in an air tight container 
  • Safe and non-toxic!
  • 1.1 Lbs.
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Whether you like to create beautiful jewelry or craft tasteful household items, polymer clay offers you the freedom and versatility you want to explore limitless creative possibilities.

If you're looking for a stunning, sophisticated clay with a smooth finish like porcelain, choose Sculpey Air-Dry™ Porcelain Clay. This clay offers all the thrills of regular modeling clay with an intricate, elegant finish as delicate as real porcelain.

Why Choose Air-Dry Porcelain Clay?

Air-dry clay is perfect for jewelry, ornaments, toys, sculptures and school projects. It's a lightweight, durable medium that is also extremely malleable and easy to shape. These benefits make this clay a popular choice for big and small projects, including beaded necklaces, earrings, decorative jars and candleholders. Sculpey Air-Dry™ Porcelain Clay offers polymer clayers the opportunity to hone their skills while enjoying the flexibility of air-dry porcelain clay.

This porcelain clay is the ideal choice for all your polymer clay creations due to the following:

  • Can be carved, drilled, sanded and painted with acrylic-based paints
  • Perfect for making authentic-looking jewelry, flowers and detailed figurines
  • Has a translucent, smooth, porcelain-like finish

Sculpey Air-Dry™ Porcelain Clay vs. Sculpey Air-Dry™

Choosing the right clay for your project is crucial for achieving the best results possible. If you've decided you want to use air-dry clay for your next modeling or sculpting craft, you'll need to choose between our Sculpey Air-Dry™ Porcelain Clay and standard Sculpey Air-Dry™.

The primary differences between the two air-dry clays are their consistencies. The porcelain clay is smooth and translucent and is used for things like flowers, dolls, and higher-end projects whereas other air dry clay is used for basic modeling. Traditional air-dry clay has a fibrous, porous texture that's slightly rougher when dried. Porcelain air-dry clay has a smooth, porcelain-like finish when it dries, which is how it got its name.

Air-dry porcelain clay produces a harder, stronger and more durable model when dried, which can be ideal for a number of projects. If you don't add color to the clay, the final product dries slightly translucent, with a look that is very similar to genuine porcelain. Our Sculpey Air-Dry™ clay dries to an opaque color of either white, terra cotta or whatever colors you've added.

Tips for Crafting With Sculpey Air-Dry™ Porcelain Clay

Whether you're new to working with Sculpey Air-Dry™ Porcelain Clay or new to clay altogether, the key to getting the best results is to know how best to work with your materials. At Sculpey®, we're always happy to provide some guidance as well as tips and tricks that make creating with our clay as easy and rewarding as possible.

Some of our favorite tips and techniques for working with air-dry porcelain clay include:

  • Plan to work with a nonporous, smooth and well-cleaned surface.
  • Try to use only the amount of clay you need at a certain time, and leave the rest sealed and stored away.
  • Knead your Sculpey Air-Dry™ Porcelain Clay before you begin shaping it for your creations.
  • Use your hands, different crafting tools and various multimedia materials to shape your clay into the design you desire. You can also incorporate mixed media elements and unique patterns and textures with air-dry porcelain clay.
  • Stand or lay your Sculpey Air-Dry™ Porcelain Clay projects on a nonporous surface with a smooth, clean finish in an area with low humidity. Ensure the clay remains undisturbed and untouched for approximately 24 hours to make sure it completely hardens.

Let Clay Design Ideas From Sculpey® Artists Inspire Your Next Creation

From beginner crafters dabbling in clay to more experienced clayers, there are endless possibilities to what you can create using Sculpey Air-Dry™ Porcelain Clay. Your imagination is the only limit to your creativity.

Our air-dry clay is one of the best porcelain clays for jewelry because it's lightweight and easy to work with, and final products are hard and durable. This clay is also ideal for a wide range of projects like creating detailed miniatures, sculpting realistic flowers and succulents and creating holiday decorations like ornaments and figurines.

Sculpey Air-Dry™ Porcelain Clay does not require an oven to cure, so it's perfect for mixed media projects using materials that can't go in an oven, like ribbon, certain plastics and googly eyes. Get creative with the materials you use and make something truly one-of-a-kind.

Sculpey Air-Dry™ Porcelain Clay is exceptionally easy to work with and handle because you can treat it like every other clay. It can be shaped into slab or coil forms and is perfect for sculpting. Find inspiration for your next air-dry clay project by perusing what other artists have done, including:

Buy Air-Dry Porcelain Clay Today

Sculpey® has been committed to bringing the highest quality polymer clay from our business to your home since the 1960s. We love providing the materials, tools and guidance you need to get inspired, express yourself and create pieces that you're proud to show off.

Check out our air-dry polymer clays, including Sculpey Air-Dry™ and Sculpey Air-Dry™ Porcelain Clay for sale online, and our selection of polymer clay tools and mediums. Order what you need online today.

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