How to Store Polymer Clay in Your Craft Room

Polymer clay is a versatile medium crafters love. You can create everything from figurines to magnets, jewelry and more with beautiful details. Polymer clay typically comes in small packets so you often use up all the clay you buy at once. If you have any leftovers, however, you’ll need to store them correctly.

Polymer clay does not contain solvents or water, so it won’t dry out, which will help you keep it fresh and ready for its next use. Knowing how to store polymer clay properly helps you complete projects that take some time and ensures your clay is ready for you when you return to your project.

How to Store Polymer Clay

Are you wondering how to store Sculpey clay? Whether you store polymer clay in a dedicated craft space or a storage room, make sure you follow these tips to keep any opened and unused clay fresh and in great condition:

  • Protect your polymer clay from temperature variations: Look for craft room storage or a storage area where your clay will not come into contact with heat or light. Store it well away from heaters, hot lamps, radiators or windows. Heat can cause your clay to start to cure. A cool, dry spot is ideal.
  • Cover your polymer clay: Your polymer clay won’t dry out, but dust and debris can get stuck to the clay. Plus, uncovered polymer can react with some plastics and wood finishes. Consider keeping unused clay in its original packaging and toss the opened package into a plastic sandwich bag. Keep colors separate and cured and uncured clay separate.  
  • Use the right plastic: Some plastic containers can bond with polymer clay. Usually, containers with recycling symbols with any number between 1 and 5 work well. Another safe option is to place your clay in clear zip-lock bags and place these bags in a box. Your clay stays safe from damage and you’ll keep it organized in one place. Also, using plastic deli sheets can be a great way to keep separate clay stored properly.

Once you’ve completed and properly cured a polymer clay project, storage is simple. You can display your pieces wherever you want. If you have polymer clay magnets, for example, you can keep them on your fridge. However, if you have polymer clay charms, ornaments, jewelry or any other items, keep each piece separated from the others in storage. You can store them in small zip-closed plastic bags, for example, to prevent any damage to details or the finish.

Start With Quality Polymer Clay

Quality polymer clay is easy to work with, predictable and durable so you can store it correctly and come back later. If you want the best polymer clay on the market, check out Sculpey clays. We’ve been delighting crafters for more than 50 years and our color palettes and features still are the best. If you want the best mica shift available, you’ll want our Sculpey Premo™ gold. If you want the clearest liquid, our clear Liquid Sculpey® is the clearest.

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