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  3. Sculpey® Silicone Bakeable Mold – Pet Baby
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Polymer Clay Tools and Accessories

With all the polymer accessories and tools on the market today, you may be wondering which pieces are best to start out with. If you're a seasoned clayer, you might be looking for new tools that will help you explore your creativity and accomplish more advanced crafts. Sculpey® offers tools for clayers of all skill levels, along with craft add-ons and inspiring accessories. Our selection is sure to spark new ideas for everything from jewelry to detailed figurines.

Benefits of Having Polymer Clay Tools

Claying is a fun and accessible hobby for crafters of all ages. Many household items can double as your crafting tools. However, having specialized clay tools lets you enjoy claying to the fullest. They're a good investment to make if you expect to craft frequently. Your clay tools will help you:


  • - Improve faster: Whether you're just starting out or a seasoned clayer, having the right tools lets you focus on honing your techniques. A clay tool kit will also make your work easier.
  • - Make more elaborate pieces: Clay carving tools allow for more precise cuts and unique detailing. You'll be able to add more personalized touches to your handmade treasures.
  • - Create cleaner results: You can be more accurate with your techniques, meaning your piece will turn out breathtaking and professional. Tools like our texture sheets and sandpaper can remove any lingering dings or fingerprints on your work.

With the proper tools, you can let your imagination run wild knowing you have everything you need for breathtaking pieces and an enhanced crafting experience.


Beginner Polymer Clay Tool Kit: Setting up Your Work Area 

As a novice clayer, you can make setting up your work area and preparing your clay easier with a starter polymer clay kit. The best place to set up your workplace is anywhere where you have a hard floor, quality lighting and a stable work surface.

With these polymer clay startup supplies, you'll be able to pack and unpack your workspace within minutes:

  • - A large pencil pot for holding all of your tools and accessories while you are working
  • - A plastic storage tote with a handle and lid for storing your supplies when you finish
  • - A smooth work surface like the Sculpey® Oven-Safe Work Mat. Marble, lucite, granite, glass, ceramic tile, metal, aluminum foil, and parchment paper are great work surfaces. Clays may stain or damage finished surfaces. Do not place unbaked clay on furniture, flooring, plastic, carpeting or fabric.

Beginner Polymer Clay Tool Kit: Working With Your Clay

Most beginner clayers need only a few essentials to get started. These include:

  • - A ruler
  • - A few basic cutter sets
  • - A set of playing cards to be used as a guide to get your clay rolled out uniformly 
  • - A handheld pin drill for making holes 
  • - An acrylic roller
  • - A craft knife
  • - A tissue blade set
  • - An oven thermometer

Advanced Additions to a Polymer Clay Tool Kit 

After working with polymer clay for a while and getting a better idea of what types of things you want to be making, you may be ready to invest in more specialized tools. We suggest looking into the following to round out your claying kit: 

  • - Oven thermometer
  • - Texture sheets and stamps
  • - Tissue blade
  • - MicroPerm pen
  • - Extruder
  • - Pasta machine
  • - Wipe out tool
  • - Sandpaper
  • - Varathane brush-on varnish or PYM II
  • - Liquid polymer clay 

Polymer Clay Accessories and Tools for Jewelry Makers 

If your passion is making jewelry, the following tools and pieces are must-haves:

  • - Micro drill
  • - Bead pins
  • - Wire cutters
  • - Two pairs of chain-nose pliers
  • - Round-nosed pliers
  • - Jewelry findings — jump rings, chain, clasps, headpins, ear wires, wire, glue-on balls and accent beads

Cleaning Your Polymer Clay Tools  

Regularly washing your clay carving tools helps them last longer and saves you time by preventing clay residue from building up. Your tools will be easier to work with, allowing you to shape, cut and decorate your piece the way you want. A few simple materials are all you need to keep your clay tools in tip-top shape:


  • - Rubbing alcohol or vinegar if you're dealing with rust
  • - A cleaning rag or an old towel
  • - A toothbrush
  • - A bowl
  • - Baby wipes

You can clean most of your utensils by soaking them in rubbing alcohol and using your rag and toothbrush to scrub off any residue. Rubbing alcohol has the bonus of cleaning your hands, keeping them pigment-free so your piece maintains its true colors. For tools like pasta machines, you can use a paper towel to apply the rubbing alcohol. You'll be ready for your next crafting experience as soon as inspiration strikes!

Sculpey® Tools and Accessories 

At Sculpey®, we offer a large inventory of high-quality polymer clay tools and accessories. From our starter sets to more advanced instruments, we have the tools you need for fine detailing and hands-on fun. 

Get Your Polymer Clay Accessories and Tools Today 

For over 50 years, we've been bringing Sculpey® brands from our home to yours. We strive to bring your imagination to life with creative and inspiring pieces from all our friends and fans. We specifically design our tools and accessories to work with clay because we want to make crafting easy and fun! Order your Sculpey® tools and accessories online today and bring your unique visions to life with flair.