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Home Tools Sculpey® Jewelry Designs Template Pack

Sculpey® Jewelry Designs Template Pack

Sculpey® Jewelry Designs Template Pack

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Quickly and easily cut out shapes to use in your jewelry creations! Reusable, flexible, transparent material allows for easy positioning on your clay design before cutting.   

  • Six sheets of templates that will make creating jewelry pieces quick and easy!
  • Wide range of DIY: 64 trendy, unique shapes in different sizes, allow you to make a large variety of unique jewelry pieces!
  • Templates come with both the positive and negative pieces of each shape
  • Template size – 6.5” H x 2.75” W
  • Easy to use: these reusable templates can be placed on flat clay and cut out shapes using a variety of tools – knife tool from the 5 in 1 set, a needle tool or a clay blade.
  • Transparent material to allow for easy positioning on your clay design
  • Made from durable polypropylene material – washable and reusable
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Sculpey® Jewelry Designs Template Pack

This Sculpey® Jewelry Designs Template Pack comes with six sheets of templates for a total of 64 trendy, visually interesting shapes in various sizes. Each template page is 6.5 inches high and 2.75 inches wide. You can use the positives and negatives of each shape, and the templates are transparent for easy placement. We make our templates from polypropylene material, making them washable and reusable. Plus, you can cut the clay shapes with various tools, including the 5 in 1 set, a clay blade or a needle tool.

Quickly, conveniently and confidently cut various clay shapes using our jewelry templates. Though each template is transparent, it's still easy to see and feel when positioning it against your flat clay.

Believe us when we say that you'll rely on these wonderful jewelry design templates regularly! You can buy templates for polymer clay jewelry for yourself or a crafter in your life today.

Why Use Templates When Making Polymer Clay Jewelry?

As a clayer, you have the creativity and inspiration to create jewelry pieces. Though you can visualize them clearly, you might need a little help bringing them to life. That's where jewelry templates can come in.

Transparent, durable templates allow you to create jewelry items like necklace pendants and bracelet beading with sharp, crisp edges. You'll always know that the shape you want is the shape you'll get. Plus, using a template ensures that the pieces you make in pairs are the same size.

Polymer clay templates round out your crafter's toolkit when partnered with other tools like stamps and molds. Place your order for jewelry templates and other products from Sculpey® today.

Ideas for Using Templated Polymer Clay Pieces

As you experiment with your templates, we encourage you to use some of our tips to rev up your creativity:

- Add layers to your jewelry pieces: Layering makes any clay jewelry item more visually appealing by adding dimension, depth and aesthetic appeal. You can easily layer clay shapes made from templates. Try different clay thicknesses for each layer to spice up your creations even more.

- Make a series of same-shape jewelry items: Because you can reuse our jewelry templates, you can make a set of jewelry with pieces of the same size and shape. Being able to duplicate a unique design exactly can be a huge benefit for several reasons. This repeatability can be helpful, especially if you sell any of your creations. You can also make matching jewelry like earrings for several people in your life.

Regardless of how you decide to use your polymer clay jewelry templates, you can have fun and make excellent pieces.

Why Buy Polymer Clay Jewelry Templates From Sculpey®?

At Sculpey®, we've built our reputation on providing crafters with the highest-quality tools, clays and related products on the market. We're friendly people who are passionate about creating with all types of clay.

In addition to buying items like our jewelry designs template pack and other templates, be sure to check out our library of articles and how-to videos. They'll help you get even more excited about turning your ideas into stunning, whimsical and memorable jewelry.

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