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Home Sculpey Tools™ Texture Wheel Set

Sculpey Tools™ Texture Wheel Set

Sculpey Tools™ Texture Wheel Set

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This innovative tool allows you to quickly and easily add beautiful detail to any clay project! 

  • Wheels roll freely to create continuous patterns.
  • Ideal for creating borders in clay.
  • Includes: 
    • Four interchangeable design wheels -Rope, Vine, Feather Stitch and Pearl and 1 handle
  • All handles are made from polypropylene and are compatible with polymer clay
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Polymer Clay Texture Wheel Set

The possibilities are endless when you can give your clay creations unique textures and patterns, and the Sculpey Tools™ Texture Wheel Set is the perfect tool for the job. Use these wheels to roll the designs into your clay pieces and create borders, decorative backgrounds and more.

Designs in the Sculpey Tools™ Texture Wheel Set

The Sculpey Tools™ Texture Wheel Set lets you create consistent patterns with ease. The ergonomic handle comes with four interchangeable heads that lay unique textures in your clay — a feather stitch, rope, vine and pearl.

Just apply pressure to the handle while rolling the wheels against a piece of clay to make these elegant design imprints. The amount of pressure you use gives you different amounts of design definition. If you prefer sharper, heavier features, roll the wheel with enough force to displace the clay. For more delicate imprints and just a hint of texture, gently roll the wheel over the surface of your piece.

Projects You Can Enhance With Clay Texture Wheels

Your options are endless with the help of these texture wheels to embellish your clay creations, but here are some fun ideas to get you started:


Unique jewelry pieces are great for starting conversations and enhancing your outfits to reflect your style. Whether you create for fun or sales, people will love the diversity you can achieve in your designs. You can use the Sculpey® Texture Wheel Set to add beautiful patterns to earrings, bracelets, pendants and more.

Try nature-inspired designs using the vine wheel or use the feather stitch wheel to craft a unique bracelet.

Home Decor

Your clay home decor can reach new levels with a texture wheel. The patterns in this set can help you create unique pieces that appeal to a diverse audience with themes such as nautical, whimsical and more. The rope wheel is an excellent way to add nautical or Western touches, while the pearl look is perfect for elegant creations like picture frames.


Magnets add personality to your refrigerator or other magnetic features. Custom clay magnets are a perfect base for decoration with a polymer clay texture wheel from Sculpey®. These wheels are easy to use for creating borders or accents on a fun, functional piece of art.


Coasters keep your table surfaces safe from heat and water damage, but they're also a great way to show off a little personal style in your home. Try adding special designs using a texture wheel when you make new coasters — you can pair each wheel design to specific clay color combinations to craft coasters that accent your space and protect your wooden furniture.

Order Polymer Texture Wheels for Your Claying Toolkit

Start adding unique textures to your clay projects using the Sculpey Tools™ Texture Wheel Set. Whether you focus your claying on making jewelry, scenes, home decor or other fun crafts, these four patterns will help you add beautiful designs to all of your projects.

Purchase the Sculpey® Texture Wheel Set today to enhance your clay creations!