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Home Tools Sculpey Tools™ Nature Texture Sheets

Sculpey Tools™ Nature Texture Sheets

Sculpey Tools™ Nature Texture Sheets

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Quickly and easily add intricate designs and creative flourishes to any of your projects.  Flexible, transparent material allows users to line up design for a seamless pattern. 

  • Each pack comes with 2 reusable texture sheets 
  • Size 6 1/8” x 5” – perfectly sized to go through a pasta machine 
  • Large pattern –  Pebbles  
  • Six smaller  patterns – Wood grain, Dandelions, Floral Lace, Art Deco Leaf, Petal, Leaves
  • Each pattern is repeatable, perfect for making large sheets of patterns. 
  • Flexible EVA material 
  • Transparent color allows you to easily see where you are placing the texture 
  • Use mica powder before baking to highlight the texture even more! 
  • Wipes clean with soap and water


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Sculpey Tools™ Nature Texture Sheets

Even if you have a wide assortment of clay colors to choose from, you can always expand your collection with different supplies. Our Sculpey Tools™ Nature Texture Sheets set contains two different reusable sheets with six different textures to add a multidimensional quality to your clay creations. With these easy-to-use sheets, you can enhance your crafting and take your creativity to the next level.

Create Texture in No Time

When you use our Sculpey Tools™ Nature Texture Sheets, people will think you spent hours completing your creation. Even though it may look that way, creating texture with these reusable sheets takes almost no time at all.

It's incredibly easy to add texture with our tools — all you have to do is choose a pattern and press it onto your creation! Because the sheets are transparent, you can make sure you apply the texture in the desired area. You can also mix and match the different styles in our Sculpey Tools™ Nature Texture Sheets, so the possibilities are endless!

Textures Are Great for Any Clayer

Because our texture sheets are a breeze to use, crafters of any age can try our Sculpey Tools™ Nature Texture Sheets on their designs. Even if their creations are large, they can apply the texture multiple times for a completed look.

These clay texture sheets also let crafters experiment and combine different designs. From Floral Lace to Wood Grain, you'll never run out of new combinations! And because our sheets are reusable, they can be cleaned and used over and over.

Enhance Your Designs With Sculpey Tools™ Nature Texture Sheets

If you've been looking for new ways to elevate your clay creations, our Sculpey Tools™ Nature Texture Sheets are perfect for you. Order today and add new life to your crafting projects. We supply the tools, you supply the CREATIVITY!

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