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Silicone Mixing Set

Silicone Mixing Set

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This 3-piece mixing set is perfect for use with Liquid Sculpey and resin!  

The set includes:

  • Oven Safe Silicone cup
    • 100 ml (3.4 oz)
    • Clear Silicone that allows you to see what you are mixing for even colors
    • Scale on outside of cup for easy measurements
    • Spout for easy pouring
    • High quality flexible silicone
    • Easy to clean – bake the leftover Liquid Sculpey in the cup and it peels off the silicone easily
  • Lid
    • Left over Liquid Sculpey can be kept for future projects – keeps out dust and dirt
  • Dual End Stir stick
    • Scoop end features flat sides and bottom for scraping both the sides and bottom of the cup when stirring – key for resin use as well.  Also great for adding in glitter and mica – no mess! Just scoop and add to the cup.
    • Pointed end is great for detail work and popping any bubbles
    • Stick fits into a 1 oz bottle of Liquid Sculpey for easy in bottle stirring
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Silicone Mixing Set

Combining Liquid clay and other materials offers crafters a new way to design. You can use our silicone mixing set with Liquid Sculpey or even resin. Exercise your creativity by blending different colors and seeing what comes out.

Crafting With Our Silicone Cup

This clear silicone cup lets you see what you have mixed, allowing you to make Liquid Sculpey® or resin with evenly distributed colors. It offers many features you will appreciate, such as:

  • Scale on the outside of the cup for easy measurements
  • Spout for simple pouring
  • Flexible silicone of exceptional quality

Easy Cleanup and Storage

When you finish mixing, cleaning up after your project is a breeze. You can bake the remaining Liquid Sculpey® in the cup, then peel it off easily when it comes out of the oven. Also, if you have leftover mixed Liquid Sculpey® you want to store for future products, you can snap on the silicone lid. The clay will stay free of dust and dirt in the cup until you use it again.

Get More Done With Our Dual End Stir Stick

Our versatile stir stick has many uses for your next project. The scoop end includes flat edges to scrape the cup's sides and bottom when you stir, ensuring you incorporate all the resin or Liquid Sculpey® into your mixture. You can use the stir stick to add glitter and mica to your mixtures, too, and avoid any mess. Just scoop the substance and put it into the cup.

The pointed end of the stir stick works great for detailing, plus its sharp point can burst any bubbles that form in the mixture. You can fit the stick into a 1-ounce bottle of Liquid Sculpey® to stir in the bottle, too.

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