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Home Tools Sculpey Tools™ Geometric Texture Sheets

Sculpey Tools™ Geometric Texture Sheets

Sculpey Tools™ Geometric Texture Sheets

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Quickly and easily add intricate designs and creative flourishes to any of your projects.  Flexible, transparent material allows users to line up design for a seamless pattern. 

  • Each pack comes with 2 reusable texture sheets 
  • Size 6 1/8” x 5” – perfectly sized to go through a pasta machine 
  • Large pattern –  Angles 
  • Six smaller  patterns – Herringbone, Circles, Triangles, Clouds, Diamonds, Oval
  • Each pattern is repeatable, perfect for making large sheets of patterns. 
  • Flexible EVA material 
  • Transparent color allows you to easily see where you are placing the texture 
  • Use mica powder before baking to highlight the texture even more! 
  • Wipes clean with soap and water


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Sculpey Tools™ Geometric Texture Sheets

Clayers everywhere will love adding modern flourishes and geometric accents to their clay projects with these texture sheets. Our Sculpey Tools™ Geometric Texture Sheets provide a great solution to give your creations increased dimension and texture.

Geometric Designs for Your Clay Projects

If you're looking for a quick and easy way to add modern finishes to your clay projects, this geometric clay texture sheet is what you need. It is created from a transparent, flexible EVA material to show you exactly what you're doing and where you're placing your texture.

Within this pack, you'll find two reusable texture sheets. The first sheet is perfect for larger projects and consists of large Angles. The second sheet is ideal for smaller projects and consists of designs like Herringbone, Circles, Triangles, Clouds, Diamonds and Ovals.

Use these configurations and your hands or an acrylic roller to easily press these designs right onto your clay. Our texture sheets work great with Sculpey Premo™ oven-bake clay to give you the reliability of a durable creation. Reuse the sheets over and over to make boundless amounts of patterns for all of your projects.

These reusable texture sheets give you versatility in what you can make, including large home decorations, smaller, more delicate accents or even jewelry. Once you've finished, wash it clean with soap and water and it'll be ready to go when inspiration strikes next!

Benefits of Adding Texture to Your Clay Projects

With these geometric polymer clay texture sheets at your disposal, you'll have the freedom to add an assortment of patterns and textures to give your project the hints of detail it needs.

The texture is one of the most important components to elevate any of your creative expressions. Whether you are creating an abstract multi-media piece or are opting for a more realistic creation, your use of texture can bring your idea to life.

No matter the project you're working on, the texture will provide excellent benefits for your work.

Adds Layers and Depth

Something magical happens when you add texture to a project, whether it be a decorative clay plate, pencil holder or anything else — the creation instantly jumps out at you. You can mix and match our geometric texture sheets with others to create various layers and depths and add the perfect touch of dimension.

Adds Visual Value

As a clayer, you want to create pieces that are pleasing to the eye. Different patterns and designs imprinted into your creations can give your projects a more exciting look. If you want to take the appearance one step further, you can also add a hint of Mica Dust to create something that stands out from the crowd!

Buy Your Geometric Clay Texture Sheet at Sculpey®

Are you craving the addition of geometric shapes in your work? Our geometric clay texture sheets make it easy to create a stunning decor piece that will stand out in your home.

These Sculpey Tools™ Geometric Texture Sheets can help you add beautiful geometric patterns to your clay creations. Shop at Sculpey® to purchase yours today!

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