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Home Tools Sculpey Bake Shop® Modeling Tools 4 pc

Sculpey Bake Shop® Modeling Tools 4 pc

Sculpey Bake Shop® Modeling Tools 4 pc

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3 essential modeling tools and a roller that are perfect for all skill levels!

  • Use the roller to create sheets of clay.
  • Modeling tools are perfect to texture, sculpt, punch holes and cut clay.
  • All tools are made from polypropylene and are compatible with polymer clay
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Have Fun With Our Sculpey® Modeling Tools

Creating with clay is fun, and you can make even more exciting projects when you have the right equipment. Our polymer clay modeling tools allow you to flatten, shape and decorate the clay while offering the precision you desire.

Being able to make whatever you want enhances your sculpting time. You will enjoy coming up with concepts you can make look exactly like the visions in your head because you'll have the right tools. When you employ solid building blocks, you get better results.

When you purchase our modeling tools, you receive a roller you can use to flatten the clay to make many different shapes. Roll the clay out and cut pieces to create jewelry, or use the flattened clay to make a paperweight or coaster. You can enjoy endless possibilities.

You can also use the tools to add small details to jewelry. They can help you punch holes in the clay, create fun borders and cut patterns.

Why Should You Use Clay Modeling Tools?

You may wonder if you can grab anything in your kitchen and sculpt with it. Do you really need specially made tools to arrange your polymer clay? Actually, you do.

Using dedicated tools to work with your clay always generates the best results. Other tools may lack the precision you need. We make our Sculpey® modeling tools especially to use with clay. We understand you want control when you sculpt, and we create tools that deliver. You can take them out again and again, and they will stand up to your everyday usage. We made them demonstrate durability while also enabling you to make tiny details on your projects.

The Advantages of Buying Sculpey® Modeling Tools

For as long as we have produced Sculpey®, we have been known for innovation in the polymer clay field. We sell products and develop great ideas. We always search for ways to improve your creating experience, which means providing the right tools, adding new colors to our lineup and even improving our twist caps on products like Liquid Sculpey®. We welcome any opportunity to make our customers’ experience better.

We pride ourselves on our outstanding reputation. Our customers know we care about them and their polymer clay projects, and we want to see them succeed. Just a few reasons our customers love our products include:

  • Versatility: You can use our polymer clay modeling tools with any of our oven-bake clays. No matter what type you choose, you'll have the right tools.
  • Adaptability: Anyone can use our tools, whether they’re children or adults. These tools don’t have sharp edges, and they can make anything from a basic project to an intricate piece of jewelry.
  • Quality: We make products you can rely on that hold up to long-term usage. They exhibit impressive durability no matter how many times you use them.

Place your order for our Sculpey® clay modeling tools today. Get in touch with us to ask any questions about the product.