Artists are an important part of the Sculpey® family and we are always amazed at what people create using Sculpey® clay! Whether it’s jewelry making, sculpting, mixed media or more, we want to provide you with the clay and tools to make your visions come to life! Here you will find all of the tools and clay perfect for your next clay creation!




Our priority is to help you bring your artistic visions to life. We specifically design our Sculpey® products for clay artists to have every tool needed to make their next piece as amazing as possible. Whether you make sculptures, jewelry or mixed media, we offer specific tools and clay types for artists that will allow you to fully express yourself and experiment with new clay techniques. 

The Most Important and Best Polymer Clay Tools for Artists

No matter what kind of art you consider your specialty, it's important to have a range of different clay materials and tools to produce your best work every time. We offer a wide selection of Sculpey® products, made with your intricate artistry in mind. From cutters to work mats, we offer a multitude of products that will make your next masterpiece even easier to create. Our tools for artists include:

- Nonstick work surface: Our oven-safe work mat will allow for easier cleanup and let you move your completed craft into the oven without hassle.

- Sharp knife tool: A precise knife is an important tool for any artist, as it makes detail work even easier — our 5-in-1 clay tool is designed for intricacy.

- Acrylic roller: Adding a roller to your clay collection will enhance your ability to smooth your clay. Additionally, our acrylic roller won't leave any marks behind.

Advanced Polymer Clay Techniques 

As an experienced artist, you've developed a significant array of skills that allow you to create intricate designs and replicate your imagined art pieces with real-life versions. To make your designs stand out even more, try using these advanced clay techniques with your next masterpiece: 

- Blending hues: Softly blending colors can give your pieces an additional amount of depth. You can use an acrylic roller or pasta maker for this technique. 

- Creating finishes: Combine different clay finishes for a unique look — experiment by mixing glitter, metallic and iridescent finishes. 

- Using canes: To create canes, shape your clay into a tube with additional layers. You can sculpt the cane into the desired shape for a unique color effect. 

Types of Projects to Try

If you want additional inspiration before you start your next creation, you can use plenty of ideas when you work with our Sculpey® clay for artists. A few advanced projects for you to try are:

- Statement jewelry: With your ability to create unique designs, try forming an intricate bracelet or a pair of dangly earrings.

- Mixed media: Combining clay with other media takes a specific eye for detail. Challenge yourself to incorporate your clay creations onto a household object or piece of jewelry. 

- Playful trinkets: Use your skills to create fun, small-scale masterpieces. Then, display your quirky designs on bookshelves or tables to make the surrounding area a little brighter.

Order Our Polymer Clay for Artists Today

We understand you're always looking for new techniques to incorporate into your sculpting routine, so we created specific Sculpey® products to unleash your creativity. Shop our extensive range of polymer clay for artists today to find a new tool or clay type that will take your next project to a new level.