Have you been thinking about getting into clay crafting? Or, maybe you've been clay crafting for a while and are learning about different tools and projects to try.

There are all kinds of clay out there, the two most popular being polymer and air-dry, and each has its unique properties. Here, we'll talk about the differences between each type, as well as some advantages of choosing one over the other. You can also purchase both os these products directly from our website!

What Is Polymer Clay?

Polymer clay works great for many people and projects. It's a favorite of many crafters because of its versatility and ease of use. With just a little bit of kneading, it becomes soft and malleable in your hands, making it easy to shape.

One of the main advantages of polymer clay is that you can leave it on your workspace without worrying about it getting dry. If you like taking breaks during crafting, or if you have forgetful kids, you don't have to fret about wasting clay. 

Once you're done shaping polymer clay, you need to bake it. You don't need to take it to a professional kiln to set it — you can use your own oven right at home!

Air-Dry Clay vs. Polymer Clay

Air-dry clay is slightly different than polymer clay. Like polymer clay, air-dry clay is commonly used for various projects and is popular for beginner craft projects.

You don't need an oven to harden self-drying clay. Depending on the size of the project, air-dry clay will fully set in one or two days. After it dries, the clay has an almost porous, spongy feel.

Benefits of Polymer Clay

One of the biggest advantages of polymer clay is its ability to stay workable. If you're a schoolteacher or have children of your own, this clay is a great choice. 

Kids can get distracted and may walk away from their project without finishing it. With polymer clay, you don't have to worry about tossing out any ruined product.

Polymer clay is also available in a number of pre-made colors — more than air-dry clay. It also maintains its shape better over time, allowing you to create more exact shapes and detailing.

Find Sculpey® Polymer Clay Online

At Sculpey®, one of our specialties lies in polymer clay. On our website, you can find kits like:

  • Sculpey Premo™ Bead Making Jewelry Kit: One of the most popular uses of polymer clay is to make DIY jewelry. We make jewelry-making easy with our bead making kit!
  • Sculpey Soufflé™ Multipacks: Is your mind racing with new project ideas? Get inspired by our colorful Sculpey Soufflé™ Multipack! Our Sculpey Soufflé™ is notable for its versatility and lightweight quality, and it will make bringing your jewelry pieces and other ideas to life a breeze.
  • Sculpey III® Charm Bracelet Kit: If you are looking for ways to get creative, then our Sculpey III® Charm Bracelet Kit is a great option! Our kit comes with the clay, tools, decals and instructions you need to start creating. 

We have a wide range of polymer clay colors and ideas to make crafting fun for people of all ages.

Benefits of Air-Dry Clay

Both polymer and air-dry clay are easy to handle, but air-dry clay is a bit easier to manipulate because of its spongy composition. This makes it especially suitable for kids whose hands aren't as strong.

Air-dry clay is great for child care environments. Elementary schools and day care centers can use air-dry clay without needing an oven. Air-dry clay can be used for crafts big and small, which is great for larger projects that might not fit in an oven. Rather, the creation can sit on display while it dries.

Find Sculpey Air-Dry™ Online

Are you ready to start crafting using air-dry clay? Sculpey® offers many types of air-dry modeling clay you might enjoy, including packs like:

  • Sculpey Air-Dry Clay Classroom Pack: Are you crafting with your children or students? Then our classroom pack is a good, budget-friendly option! It comes with over 6 pounds of clay, 15 tools and instructions — enough for everyone to have fun with!
  • Sculpey Air Dry™ Keepsake Kit: Whether you're an expecting parent or have a friend who is expecting, consider trying our keepsake kit. Our keepsake kit comes with an impression-shaping ring, hole punch, a set of air-dry clay tools and instructions to capture your baby's — or fur baby's! — handprint.
  • Sculpey Air-Dry™: For versatile fun, choose our Sculpey Air-Dry™ kit! Our formula is lightweight, smooth and easy to use. We offer white and terra cotta shades, and you can use oil paints to make any color you want!

Craft projects like succulent planters, necklaces, pencil holders and so much more! 

Shop Sculpey® Polymer and Air-Dry Clay Online

Sculpey® carries an excellent variety of air-dry and polymer clay, as well as many other types. If you're looking for inspiration, visit our how-to page and learn more about what polymer and air-dry clays can do.

Whatever your skill level, and no matter what types of projects you're planning, you can find the perfect clay with Sculpey®!