Sculpey air dry clay is durable when it's completely dried and cured. It has a different texture than polymer clays, appearing porous after curing. Unlike polymer clay, air dry clay does not require an oven. It cures in the air as it dries, making this clay ideal for camping, school projects and any crafters interested in experimenting with something new!

Sculpey Air-Dry™ Modeling Clay and Sculpey Air-Dry™ Porcelain Clay are two options that are durable when cured. They're ideal for jewelry-making, ornaments and other projects. You can paint clay after you're finished curing it. Its light weight makes air dry clay especially prized for jewelry and other projects where a light finished product is best.

How to Keep Air Dry Clay From Breaking

model air dry modeling clay

Most projects made from air dry or polymer clay are durable and lasting if they're cured properly. In fact, you can use air-dry clay to make keepsakes and handprints intended to last a lifetime! If you want to take extra care to prevent air dry clay from breaking, follow these tips:

  • Work quickly: Avoid letting your clay partially harden by using a small piece of clay at a time and keeping open air-dry clay covered with a damp towel. Use up your clay rather than leaving it around once it's open. If you have any clay left over, store it in an airtight container.
  • Cure it properly: Your air clay creation is most vulnerable when it's curing. Wait until it is fully cured before handling it, which may take two or three days depending on the size of your creation. Once fully cured, your project won't break easily. If you need to speed up the curing process, you can place your air-dry clay piece in the oven. Put your completed project in a 200° F oven for 20 minutes for a small item or longer for a larger piece until it's fully dry.
  • Use extra caution when painting and using your projects: Since air-dry clay is more porous, keep it away from water, even after it's cured. When painting and working with finished projects made from air clay, handle your crafts gently.

Does Air Dry Clay Break Easily?

Air-dry clay results in durable finished projects once the clay is fully dried and cured. This clay is very soft and malleable, making it ideal for all ages. Larger pieces made from air-dry clay are also more durable when compared to finer pieces with small parts.

If you're working on a piece of jewelry, ornament or another item where extra durability is key, you may want to consider Sculpey Soufflé™, Sculpey Premo™ or Super Sculpey UltraLight™, which are our most durable Sculpey clays. Our quality Sculpey air dry clay is a great choice for everyday ornaments, jewelry and crafts.

Sculpey makes it easy to buy air-dry clay you can use for all your projects, from ornaments to memento prints. With air-dry clay, there are virtually no limits on what you can create! Be sure to browse the full range of Sculpey projects to get inspired today.