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Introducing the 2018 Sculpey Design Squad

Syndee Holt – Gretchen Amberg –  Sherman Oberson – Anke Humpert – Nadia Michaux – Katie Oskin – Maria Saracino – Teresa Salgado – Amy Koranek – Debbie Bulford – Marion Le Coq – Megan Durocher

Read their blog posts and enjoy their projects, tips, techniques and creative uses of clays, tools and accessories. Their varied specialties and work styles will educate and inspire you.

water bottles screwed onto a rotating lazy susan

We Are a Clever Bunch of Pirates

If you have spent any time with me at all, you know I liken us clayers to pirates – we plunder and pillage all other art mediums, garages, estate sales, kitchen – and we are proud to share what clever things we come up with. I thought I’d share a few of those things that my

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Jan2018 NCT-3

New Color Tuesday! New Year-New Way Pt 3

This idea didn’t quite work out like I thought it would.  I assumed that adding the Premo Accents Copper to these colors would tone them down but add a warmth as well.  It did work that way on the Souffle Latte and So 80s but I don’t care for the 1:1 mix with the Souffle

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polymer clay dot band

I’m a Lil Dotty

I have a weakness for polka-dots. They are like little welcoming beacons for me.  Ask me to pick a pattern and I guarantee it will have polka-dots..or dots of some kind.  So it’s only natural that I incorporate dots into my clay work. The word polka-dot has been around since 1857 to define a pattern

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Jan2018 NCT-2

New Color Tuesday! New Year-New Way Pt 2

Okay, I’ve double checked my calendar and I *believe* I”m in the right place at the right time for New Color Tuesday! (actually, you can’t blame me for being so excited that I posted on Monday last week can you?) We are a whole week into the New Year and I have been having a

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My Alice necklace is a multimedia piece using paper, beads, metal and of course, clay!

It’s Logical Really

HI! syndee here.. I really like to work on multimedia projects and I often use paper in the projects.  Whether its an actual photo or images from scrapbook paper or wrapping paper.  I kept running into a problem though.  No matter how I attached the paper to the sheet of clay, it would curve after

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Jan2018 NCT-1

New Color Tuesday -New Year-New Way

I’m starting the New Year off with a second cup of mocha coffee – not because I was out late, but because I have a dog who can’t handle fireworks. I even dutifully gave BOTH dogs calming drops, but once the neighborhood started popping them off around 11, she was a mess.   The little one snored

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Christmas is about the Memories! by: Patti Kimle

I’m very nostalgic this Christmas. This fall, my daughter, the youngest child, went off to college.  So we have had some adjusting to do. The oldest son got married this year also.   I’m smacked in the face with the passing of time.  For now, we are lucky, the newly weds are settled less than a

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New Color Tuesday! Syn’s Favorite Mixes Pt 5

Well, Well, Well, the last NCT of 2017. Where did this year go? This mix was one my sons showed me years ago when they came up to me and gave me this cool acid green color clay.  I asked them where they got it and they said they mixed it and they proceeded to

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Christmas colors Part Deux by Patti Kimle

Now here is a Christmas piece that doesn’t fit all the standards.  Silver and Gold, and dark red, and two sharply different greens. The colors of the cane pop out of a dark neutral background. The light green solid texture is even highlighted with green mica powder.  All of the elements in this pendant are

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premo wasabi polymer clay

New Color Tuesday! Syn’s Favorite Colors

I’m always in search of the perfect Turquoise color.  I love the Turq from the 50s – it was warm, bold, sunny and BRIGHT.  These last two mixes here, mixed with Premo Wasabi and Turquoise,  are very close to my vision of that color.  I want to dive into these colors and float on a

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holiday sweater

Some musings on the Christmas color scheme… by Patti Kimle

What makes an ugly Christmas sweater so ugly?  I was shopping a vintage store today where they had a special display of ugly Christmas sweaters. (Not sure how they acquired such a large selection, they were truly vintage, though!)  But I noticed something as I perused the assortment:  the worst had the most traditional colors,

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New Color Tuesday! Syn’s Favorite Colors

Oh yeah, definitely one of my favorite mixes!  I absolutely love everyone of these colors.  What a way to add a rich highlight to a black background, or even a texture to a black – using the Gold Glitters.  I’ve used that 16RG/1B mix so often now for my work.  I especially like it for

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Office Party Favors by: Patti Kimle

A good friend of mine hosts a Christmas party for her husband’s office. He is the head of a government research facility here where I live. For the past 4 years, I have made a cane design to slice into ornaments for the party favors she gives the employees. Every year, the design includes the

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MAR NCT 2017-3

New Color Tuesday! Syns Favorite Colors Pt1

I love December. Things seem to slow down for me after a hectic Fall. I actually unpack my tool bag and clean up around the studio. One of my most favorite parts is looking through all the NCTs for the year to find my favorites and the surprises.  I’m starting this December off with one

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NOV NCT 2017-3

New Color Tuesday! It’s All About the Brights Pt 4-1/2

Apparently, I was confused last week and thought that it was the last week in November.  Right?  Not like the month hasn’t flown by anyway.. So here is Pt 3 masquerading at Pt 4-1/2: First thing I noticed was how similar these mixes were to the Peacock Pearl mix.  I thought it was surprising because,

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Extra Detail

Dragon Eye Blog 2 – Extra Details

I am officially having entirely too much fun (if there is such a thing) making these eyes!  I wish had this idea while first writing up the project but as we all know that hindsight is 20/20.  It’s never too late for cool ideas so here goes… The addition of the color around the pupil

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NOV NCT 2017-4

New Color Tuesday! It’s All About the Brights Pt 4

Well, this was a surprise!  Fluorescent Pink hardly affected the Souffle Cherry Pie at ALL!  I do like that 1:1 mix though, it reminds me of a rose color. I also really like the straight Fluorescent Pink and the straight Cherry Pie together as well.  And I like them with the grey background, so Souffle

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Glitter Eyes

Dragon Eye Blog part 1 – Mixing it up

One of my favorite parts of working with the liquid clays is adding powders and inks to get different colors and looks. Aside from the amazing clarity of the Sculpey Clear Liquid Clay is how smooth it pours when powders and inks have been added. After making the batch of eyes used for the project

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NOV NCT 2017-4

New Color Tuesday! It’s All About the Brights Pt 3

I had to try the Fluorescents with a Souffle color right?  Cherry Pie seemed like it was just the ticket – deep, rich color.  I was surprised that the Fluorescent Pink didn’t effect it too much, but the Yellow sure did!  I really like that 1:1 Cherry Pie and Fluorescent Yellow – it’s kind of

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The Lasting Allure of Polymer Clay

The Lasting Allure of Polymer Clay   It’s November and that can only mean one thing; it’s my turn to write the blogs.  As in the past years of writing blogs for the lovely folks at Polyform, I find myself sitting staring at my computer screen like a deer in the headlights.  I am also

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NOV NCT 2017-2

New Color Tuesday! It’s All About the Brights

So Fluorescent.. not normally my cup of tea, but they ARE fun to mix with! And this week I mixed with Premo Orange and I love every one of these mixes!  And I love them all together as well.  I want to paint my walls with these colors, dress in these colors, clay in these

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New Color Tuesday! Doing the Guava Pt 5

Oh yeah, I love me some warm, rich orange tones.  I’ve seen (and photographed ) these colors on my beach so many times.  It’s my favorite time of the day – long shadows and golden dust motes floating everywhere.  Actually, it’s my dog, Annie, favorite time of the day too.  She’s a Sparkle Hound.  She

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Experimenting with Glow-in-the-dark Polymer Clay

Hi, it’s Miranda Farrand of Miranda’s Critters. Yesterday with the help of my mini-me, I experimented with Glow-In-The-Dark or GITD polymer clay. She took notes while I dictated what I was doing. The idea was to discover if any other light clay could be mixed with Sculpey III Glow-in-the-Dark and still retain the glow. For our experiment,

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New Color Tuesday! Doing the Guava Pt 4

I do love to throw colors together that have no business being together.  And sometimes I put together two colors that I THINK should have business with each other and it turns out that they are not having it AT ALL.  For instance, Souffle Guava and Premo Sculpey Accents Peacock Pearl.  I figured I would

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Tips on How to Apply a Basic Patina

Wondering how to “finish” your sculpture to give it more depth? Consider applying a basic patina with an acrylic paint wash. If you read my article last week regarding creative inspiration, it featured a head sculpture in various stages of creation. In this article, I will discuss adding a patina to finish the sculpture. Some

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New Color Tuesday! Doing the Guava Pt 3

Personally, I don’t feel you can ever go wrong with Latte – both the drink and the Souffle clay.  It’s neutral with a bit of a casual attitude – sort of a “I’m so cool I can either be the star of the show or just lay back here and be cool”. I know that

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Put Your Hands to Work to Find Inspiration

Stuck without an idea in mind but a desire to make something anyway? When this state of confusion strikes, put your hands to work with what I call clay doodling. You know? Mindlessly squishing my clay until it starts to take shape into something. I find this to be a great way to getting back

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NCT oct2017-2

New Color Tuesday! Doing the Guava Pt 2

Well, well, well. I’m finally home from my most recent wanderings.  I spent a wonderful couple of days at my home clay guild retreat, Sandy Camp, and then another couple of days up in North County with my brother and his family. I have a “Rule” that I enforce with myself that before I unpack

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New Color Tuesday – Doing the Guava Pt 1

My Souffle stash was feeling a little neglected, so I decided to do some Souffle mixes this month featuring Guava.  Once again, a color that wasn’t really thrilling to me became kind of a star of classy, subtle mixes. Like these three mixes with Souffle Cinnamon – all three mixes are subtle but classy mixes. 

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