Introducing the 2016 -2017 Sculpey Design Squad

Gretchen Amberg – Rachel Hinderliter – Anke Humpert – Sherri Kellberg – Patti Kimle – Lee Kellogg – Miranda Farrand – Nadia Michaux – Katie Oskin – Shirley Rufener – Teresa Salgado – Ruth Steiner.

Read their blog posts and enjoy their projects, tips, techniques and creative uses of clays, tools and accessories. Their varied specialties and work styles will educate and inspire you.

JUL NCT 2017-3

New Color Tuesday- Ya Got Me Copper Pt 3

I like these!  I don’t know why I like a purplish copper, but I always do.  It would be so gorgeous embossed with a stamp and then highlighted with Gold Pearl Ex or gold paint. Or even in a fall leaf motif as a counter to the warmer colors of the season. (but what do

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Sculpey Accents (Translucent)
Translucent clay cures to a translucent finish which means light can penetrate through it. This makes it ideal for making miniature candy which has translucency properties such as Gummy Bears (or other gummies), lollipops and Tootsie Pops.

Using Different Types of Sculpey for Miniatures

Sculpey Clays and premo! is great because it comes in so many colours which is a dream come true for any artist. However there are different types of polymer clay and you should always take this into consideration depending on what sort of finish you want your project to be in. As a miniaturist, I

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JUL NCT 2017-2a

New Color Tuesday! Ya Got Me Copper Pt 2

This one was interesting….I mean, I expected a little green to come out because that seems to happen whenever I mix ANYTHING with premo! Sculpey Accents Peacock,  but the two middle colors?  I think that they are super cool metallics – what perfect colors for picture frames, draw pulls, even a different bezel color than

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Let’s Talk About Molds

by Nadia Michaux “Let’s talk about Molds” Molds can be a very important tool for a clayer. It helps you achieve uniformity and even helps you sculpt something complex in an instant. You can buy molds but you can also make your own molds just as easily. For a miniaturist like me, it is a very

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JUL NCT 2017-1

New Color Tuesday (on a Wednesday)

I figured we would all be outside enjoying the holiday yesterday, so I decided to wait until today to post the NCT for this week!  Well, I’ve done it again, become infatuated with a color that has languished in my clay locker forEVER.  premo! Sculpey Accents Copper has always been the red-haired stepchild to my

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JUN NCT 2017-4

New Color Tuesday – A Little Goes a Long Way Pt 4

Well, it just doesn’t feel like a NCT month without a Glitter Gold mix as well!  These last two mixes take me back to the 60s – they look like a kind of glittery avocado green. I imagine a vase with this sitting on the end table to accent the gold, orange and avocado green

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JUN NCT 2017-3

New Color Tuesday! A Little Goes a Long Way Pt 3

I loved the  premo! Sculpey Wasabi/Turquoise mixes so much, I decided to give it a try with Cobalt Blue.  I like the cool greens of the mixes, but they aren’t as tealish (is that a word?) as I had thought they would be.  They are all lovely, calming colors.  The first two remind me of

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Sculpey Daisy Wine Glasses

Oopsy Daisy Wine Glasses

Summertime means garden and backyard fun.  With the upcoming gatherings for family and friends, I created these festive wine glasses to spread some happy.  They are super easy to make and would be fantastic as a bridal shower gift (or favor) as well as a friendship surcee.                

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JUN NCT 2017-2

New Color Tuesday! A Little Goes a Long Way

Last week I played with one of my favorite colors, teal.  This week I’m playing with another favorite of mine – premo! Sculpey Accents Bronze. Mixing Bronze with Wasabi? Really??? It worked out even better than I thought! Not only did I get a more copper-looking color with the 2B/1W, I got one of the

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JUN NCT 2017-1

New Color Tuesday – A Little Goes a Long Way

My assumption when I decided to feature premo! Sculpey Wasabi for my June mixes was that it would basically just “punch up” the colors for me.  Well, surprise!  Just like it’s namesake, a little goes a long way!  My first mix was actually a request from last month for a “verdigris color”.  I love verdigris

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New Color Tuesday! Lots of Latte Pt 5

Well, I can’t do a mix without having a premo! Sculpey Accents Bronze mix as well!  And I vote YES on all these mixes..especially that 1:1 mix.  Oh, in a combination with Purple Pearl and/or Bright Green Pearl?  Even premo! Orange. And that 4L/1B looks like an expensive camel hair coat color to me, so

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New Color Tuesday! Lots of Latte Pt 4

I am not the biggest fan of purple.  I know, it’s a surprise, given that I love bright colors right?  I do have to admit though that I’m loving those first two mixes though (Oh GOD!  I’m liking subdued colors?Am I becoming OLD????!?? Nah, body may age, but the goofy tastes will remain).  I’d like

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UV Resin ER

I’m So Ready for Summer!

Post by Shirley Rufener Living on the Oregon Coast is a beautiful place to be, although when you have a record rainfall you are just counting the days until summer! I thought these simple watermelon cane earrings would put me in the mood for picnics and warm summer nights! Although it has been around for

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Let me back up a bit and tell you when I learned this technique which is called “chalking” in the ceramic world. One of my very first crafts after I got married was ceramics. It was similar to the ‘paint your own pottery’ shops you see today, but it was a ceramic store with many bookshelves of ceramics in the dried slip stage. They would teach you how to clean up the seam edges with sharp tools (that I still have believe it or not) from where the halves went together. I used a moist sponge for smoothing I believe.

Chalkboard Flowers

Post by Shirley Rufener With the popularity of chalkboards this season I wanted to mimic the look with polymer clay for adding accents, and it worked! I was so excited when the first flower was finished that I put it right on a chalkboard. I am in the process of adding a complete step-by-step chalkboard technique

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New Color Tuesday! Lots of Latte Pt 3

Well, I’m back from another great trip to Florida for the Fandango retreat! The weather was glorious this time- it felt like our typical Southern California weather – warm sun, no humidity and LOTS of claying! Can you imagine 3 days of classes with Jana Roberts Benzon, Dayle Doroshow and Barb Fajardo?  I even had

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New Color Tuesday! Lots of Latte Pt 2

GREETINGS FROM FLORIDA!! I’ve just finished the fantastic Fandango retreat and now I’m hanging out with Alice Stroppel and I’m going to teach a little silkscreen class in her gorgeous Studio 215 in downtown Sebring.   Ahhh, now I love me some Peacock Pearl! I don’t know about you, but I “see things” in the

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MAY 2017-1

New Color Tuesday! Lots of Latte Pt 1

I’ve become fascinated lately with mixing Sculpey Souffle and premo! Sculpey Accents colors together. (Ya’ll know that I use Accents Bronze and Souffle Cinnamon 1:1 on almost a daily basis right?) So I was wondering what would happen if I mixed Souffle Latte into some of the other Accents Pearl colors to see what happened.

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NCT (Thursday) When Gold Isn’t Enough

I was goofing around yesterday (you know, instead of ACTUALLY doing the thing I was SUPPOSED to do) and I found that I needed to match a bronze Lumiere paint in a scrap piece I was playing with.  (Hey, the commissioned piece was actually drying before baking). Regular premo! Accents Gold was just too bright,

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Finding Your Routine to Enhance Your Creativity by KatersAcres for Polyform

Finding Your Routine is Essential to the Creative Process

Finding Your Routine Finding your routine for a creative person is essential. A routine can help us settle in. Routine can help us to automatically perceive things about our environment. Today we are going to discuss finding your routine to help you in your creative process.

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POLYFORM - Colors of Spring

Colors of Spring are Bold, Vivid, & Bright!

Bold, Vivid, & Bright, Colors of Spring Colors of spring are those colors that make me feel happy, bouncy, and rejuvenated. Are there certain colors that you automatically gravitate to because of the way that they make you feel? Let’s look at some tried and true spring colors to liven up your spring palettes.

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APR NCT 2017-3a

New Color Tuesday! Color the Rocks Pt 3

Now you KNOW that mixing Souffle Latte into pretty much any color is going to be interesting (hmmm, so interesting that I think I just found my mix color for next month!). And mixing it with premo! Accents Gray Granite is going to make a pretty killer granite, very similar to what we see in

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How to Spring Clean Your Studio by KatersAcres for Polyform Products

How to Spring Clean Your Studio Easily and Efficiently

How to Spring Clean Your Studio Spring clean your studio easily, quickly, and efficiently. These tried and true tips that will take you from danger zone to comfort zone in less than 30 minutes. The arrival of spring not only makes me want to clay my days away, but it also makes me want to clean!

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APR NCT 2017-2

New Color Tuesday! Color the Rocks Pt 2

YAY! I’m back online. I made some rocks for the Into the Forest project and I thought it would be fun to show you all some mixes using the premo! Accents Grey Granite.  While the color is lovely on its own, it is SO FUN to add other clays, inks, tints to it!  Today I’m

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There’s a few things to know when selecting a new project … First thing’s first however. You’ve decided that you want to work with polymer clay. Congratulations! Polymer clay is one of the greatest mediums (in my humble opinion) in the art world. There are literally thousands of projects, ideas, and designs you can make

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