My Sculpey Design Process

The design process is never quite so linear for me I think. Sometimes the beginnings of an idea hits and I need to note it down or do a quick sketch on my iPad that I take everywhere with me.

‘Sketches and colour palettes done on procreate.’

And usually these inspirations and ideas are hard to come by if I’m just sitting in my studio trying to think of a design… so what I like to do is head out to look for things that could potentially inspire me - like gardens, architecture, animals and places etc.

‘Shophouses in Joo Chiat Road, Singapore.’

That’s why I’m usually on the lookout for new cafes, or interesting places to explore. I sit at cafes and people watch, or head to the really beautiful indoor garden here in Singapore (Gardens by the Bay) where they bring in seasonal plants and flowers for ideas and to study them.

‘Claying with my little to-go clay kit at a beach bar in Singapore.’

I’m currently writing this blog from Bali, and there are sooo many things to inspire
here. The architecture is just so beautiful! I chanced upon this massage studio with the loveliest pink atrium and pool in the middle - which will definitely be a part of my next architecture inspired designs.

‘New inspiration found in Bali.’

While sketching is great and gets the idea across well, I also like just winging it
sometimes and working on clay directly. There’s a freedom in just playing around and feeling the textures and choosing the colours to match from there. You’re not limited to an already planned idea, which opens the door for more creative play and I think that’s the best thing about clay!


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