New Color Tuesday! Introducing Liquid Sculpey® Green

The top row of the large photo contains the 3 colors that I'm mixing with the featured color on the far right. The bottom 3 colors are the colors mixes created by mixing the color directly above with equal portions (1:1) of the featured color.

I took on the task of doing my regular New Color Tuesday with one of the new Liquid Sculpey® (LS) colors.  Green LS was the chosen color and as soon as I saw it I said (to my dog), “Challenge ACCEPTED!”

This color is a solid partner for Liquid Sculpey® color range.  Personally, I NEVER have too many greens either! LOL

The only 1:1 color combo that surprised me was the Red/Green mix yielding a super solid warm brown tone! MMMMM, great for textured molds and then highlighted after baking with a warm gold or copper paint?  

Speaking of textured molds, I used my favorite bakeable feather mold to create these earrings. And since this is an unusual NCT, I thought I would add the simple steps to create these as well!

First, after thoroughly cleaning the mold, I remixed the silver/green mix and a blue/green mix (clearly just a touch of blue!).

Then using my Etch n' Pearl tip again, I painted in these colors. Trying to keep the patterns similar in both earrings.

I wanted to add a mid-tone metallic, so I grabbed my favorite LS metallic Bronze and lightly dragged the tip of my Etch n' Pearl (EnP) through the colors a bit.  I added some of the gorgeous new Brown Metallic LS to the top of the feathers.

I finished by backfilling the mold with the Metallic Brown LS.

When I bake LS in these type of molds, I use the Sculpey tip: "

Here’s a tip for baking perfectly in silicone molds. Dampen a dish towel with water and wring out as much of the water as you can. Fold the damp towel so that the molds can sit level on top of it. The damp towel will slow down the curing process so that the LS will cure evenly throughout and avoid warping."

Share your favorite Sculpey mixes with us by using the hashtag #HowDoYouSculpey and don’t forget to mention which clay you are using (#Premo or #Souffle)  

xoxo, syn

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