What to Make With Original Sculpey® Clay

Benefits of Original Sculpey®

Original Sculpey® is pliable and inexpensive, making it a popular choice for both experienced and beginner crafters. It is smooth, non-sticky, non-staining, non-toxic and resistant to shrinking. 

After baking, Original Sculpey® polymer clay will become permanently hard, standing up to chipping, cracking and crumbling. 

What to Make With Original Sculpey® Clay

So what can you make with Original Sculpey®? Children love it for unleashing their creativity. Seasoned crafters love its malleability. From decorative bowls, school projects catchall dishes to keepsake ornaments and beautiful jewelry, the possibilities for crafting with Sculpey® clay are endless. 

Clayers working with Original Sculpey® have created everything from stunning marbled pendants and earrings to sculptures and figurines inspired by art history — or their favorite cartoons!

Original Sculpey® Polymer Clay Pieces 

Want more inspiration? Check out our latest Original Sculpey® clay creations:

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