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Jewelry Making

Jewelry Making
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Polymer Clay Bead Making 


Making jewelry is a popular focus for many crafters and polymer clay lovers. Sculpey® offers an extensive inventory of tools to simplify beading and jewelry making. Create professionally finished polymer clay pendants and beads by trying out our tools and techniques. 

Looking for a visual? Explore our featured projects page to browse earrings, necklaces, rings and other adornments created with Sculpey® clay.


Types of Polymer Clay Bead Making Tools From Sculpey®

Are you wondering how to make polymer clay beads? Sculpey® carries several polymer clay bead makers to help you create clay beads easily. some of our top bead makers include:

  • - Sculpey® Hollow Bead Maker: This is the perfect bead maker for any design featuring polymer hollow beads. With five sizes, the Sculpey® Hollow Bead Maker makes for a hassle-free bead creation process. 
  • - Sculpey® Bead Maker: This bead maker features easy-to-use measuring cups and can be used to make solid beads measuring 13, 16 or 18 millimeters. Trust the Sculpey® Bead Maker to produce the same size bead every time. 

How to Make Cane Covered Polymer Clay Beads

Follow the steps below to make lightweight, inexpensive polymer clay beads:

1. Gather Your Materials

Polymer clay beads require the following supplies:

  • - Tissue blade
  • - Pre-made canes
  • - Needle tool
  • - Wax paper
  • - Your choice of liquid polymer clay or polymer clay

2. Prepare Your Workstation

It's essential to keep your work station as clean as possible, as polymer clay tends to pick up anything it comes into contact with.

Find a flat, clean surface in your house where you have high-quality lighting. Next, lay down your wax paper and pull all corners snug. Tape the four edges to your work surface and make sure the paper is secure after taping.

3. Begin Cutting Slices

Choose your polymer clay cane and begin cutting fine, even slices from one end. Slices should have approximately the same thickness and be thin but not to the extent that they are see-through. 

4. Cover Your Beads

To cover your polymer clay beads, select a wood bead to work with first. Next:

  1. - Dab a small amount of liquid clay anywhere on the bead.
  2. - Position a slice of your cane to sit directly on top of the dab of liquid clay.
  3. - Gently press down on the edges of your cane slice until they conform neatly to the bead's spherical form. The sides will not lay perfectly flat — and that's fine! 
  4. - Continue dabbing liquid polymer clay on all surfaces of the bead and laying slices on the dabs until the bead is covered. Do not overlap slices — it's a good thing if portions of the wooden bead are still visible. 

5. Slowly Roll the Clay Beads Under Your Finger

Set your bead down on the wax paper and place your finger gently on top. Using just a small amount of pressure, slowly roll the bead around in tiny circles on the paper. Try to refrain from using too much force, as you want to keep all colors intact. 

Keep rolling until all the slices have rounded out and are relatively flat against the bead. They should now cover all visible sections of the wood underneath. 

6. Create a Hole

Every bead needs a hole for a string to be pushed through. Use the end of a needle on each side of the bead. Then, slant the needle and move it clockwise around the face of the hole.

7. Bake Your Polymer Clay Pieces 

The most important thing to keep in mind when baking your polymer clay beads is that they need to be suspended when cured to hold their shape. You can use our Bead Baking Rack for even, perfectly shaped beads.

Polymer clay beads need to bake for 10 minutes at approximately 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Always use an oven thermometer and read the directions on your packaging to ensure you are baking the beads at the correct temperature. 

Find the Perfect Polymer Clay Bead Making Tool Today

Here at Sculpey®, we provide the tools, you provide the creativity. Ready to get inspired? Shop our inventory of polymer clay bead makers and pick out your favorite Sculpey® brand to get started!