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Jewelry Making


Polymer Clay Bead Making 

If you're wondering how to make polymer clay beads and pendants, you've come to the right place! Sculpey® offers an extensive inventory of tools to simplify clay jewelry making and beading. You can create professionally finished polymer clay jewelry at home with our tools and techniques.

Ready to make beautiful, one-of-a-kind beads? Let's dive into polymer clay bead basics!

Types of Polymer Clay Bead-Making Tools From Sculpey®


Clayers at all skill levels love our time-saving bead tools:

  • Sculpey Tools™ Bead Maker: This round bead maker produces equal-size spherical clay beads in seconds. Make solid beads measuring 13, 16 or 18 millimeters with easy-to-use measuring cups to guarantee a batch of perfectly sized beads every time.
  • Sculpey Tools™ Hollow Bead Maker: Our hollow bead maker makes domed halves for two-part beads in five different sizes. Bake right on the mold for a hassle-free creation process. Create compatible-size clay circles for the domes with the Sculpey Tools™ Graduated Circle Cutter Set.
  • Sculpey Tools™ Bead Baking Rack: Bake several beads at once with this metal bead baking rack. Simply skewer clay beads on the rack and bake! The rack is elevated to prevent flat bottoms, so you'll enjoy perfectly shaped, evenly baked beads every time.
  • Sculpey Tools™ Etch 'n Pearl: This set of three dual-end piercing and pearling tools works two ways — poke holes in beads with the pointed ends, and make domes that join to create spherical beads in three sizes with the concave ends.


Polymer Clay Bead Kits

Enjoy a relaxing evening of creative time for yourself, or invite friends over for an afternoon of food, fellowship and crafting. These kits take the guesswork out of making beads so you can get crafting right away. Our fun bead-making kits include everything you need to make jewelry and accessories:


  • Sculpey Tools™ Bead Making Kit: This essential set of beading tools covers all your bead needs with a baking cushion, sandpaper, cutting tools, needle tool, lentil bead tool, roller and step-by-step guide for making six types of beads. Just add clay!
  • Sculpey Premo™ Bead Making Jewelry Kit: This all-in-one bead jewelry kit includes six nature-inspired clay colors, a lentil bead tool, plastic roller, circle cutter, small blade, jewelry fixings and more to create six accessories.
  • Liquid Sculpey® Embellishments Jewelry Kit: Make charms with this comprehensive jewelry embellishments kit, which includes a mold, liquid polymer clay, decorative mix-ins and fixings. Our Sculpey Tools Oven-Safe Molds create even more pendants, cabochons, bezels and other jewelry accessories!


Find the Perfect Polymer Clay Bead-Making Supplies at Sculpey®

At Sculpey®, we provide the tools, you provide the creativity! Ready to get inspired? Shop our innovative polymer clay bead tools and colorful clays to get started making earrings, necklaces, rings and other adornments today!