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Home Liquid Sculpey® Embellishments Jewelry Kit

Liquid Sculpey® Embellishments Jewelry Kit

Liquid Sculpey® Embellishments Jewelry Kit

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This clever kit includes everything you need to started creating Liquid Sculpey jewelry!

Perfect as a gift for a creative friend or to build on your own jewelry-making skills!

Includes the following:

  • Liquid Sculpey 1 oz - Clear 
  • Silicone Jewelry Mold - keep for future creating! 
  • Opalescent flakes 
  • Turquoise flakes
  • Gold glitter
  • 5 Dried flowers 
  • Toothpick
  • 9 - 8mm Jump rings
  • Metal bangle bracelet
  • 24" Tan faux suede cord
  • 2 Silver colored fish hook earrings
  • 3cm Silver colored key ring
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Sculpey® Jewelry Embellishments

Making jewelry is a great way to express your creativity and create pieces that match your style. Whether you produce jewelry for self-enjoyment or profit, using a Liquid Sculpey® Embellishments Jewelry Kit can help make the process smoother and easier.

Liquid Sculpey® Embellishments Kit

Our Liquid Sculpey® Embellishments Kit is the perfect way to start making jewelry. It has everything you need to create beautiful Liquid Sculpey® pieces, including a silicone mold with shapes ready for anything from earrings to bracelets and necklaces.

Liquid Sculpey® is polymer clay in liquid form. Its flexibility and fluidity are perfect for adding fine details or accents to jewelry pieces or other clay projects. Whenever you work with Liquid Sculpey® as a base, you'll need to use a mold to ensure the clay holds a shape for your pieces. In addition to using liquid clay in molds, you can also apply it as a glaze on other clay creations, create multilayer effects and more.

Other materials in the kit, such as colored flakes, glitter, flowers and more, make the jewelry-making process fun. Each piece you create will have a touch of your personality as you design beautiful jewelry.

Liquid Sculpey® Jewelry Ideas

This clay jewelry kit comes with several eye-catching accessories to get you started, and that's just the beginning. Enhance your jewelry even more when you add other Liquid Sculpey® colors or molds. Here are a few Liquid Sculpey® ideas you can use to take your jewelry up a notch:

Use Molds

Molds come in different designs to help you make unique jewelry and home decor pieces. When you use different colors of liquid clay, you can upgrade your jewelry to include marbling, patterns and more.

Apply a Clear Coat

Liquid Sculpey® works well as a final coat in place of varnish or other topcoats. Lock in your creations with a topcoat of clear Liquid Sculpey® to keep the patterns or design safe under the surface.

Create Cool Effects

Using liquid clay can help you create striking illusions and multilayer effects, especially if you use a translucent color and other materials like mica powder, dried flowers or color flakes.

Transfer Pictures

You can transfer pictures onto liquid clay to make personalized jewelry pieces. Whether you want to transfer an image of a snowflake or a picture of a loved one, you can easily do it using Liquid Sculpey®.

Simply print out the image you want and spread Translucent Liquid Sculpey® over the picture in the desired shape. Ensure the spread is even and without holes or air bubbles. Once you apply the clay to your liking, you can place the image and clay in the oven and cook the clay according to the recommended time on your bottle. When the transfer is complete and the clay is hard and cool, you can gently peel it off the paper for a finished piece.

Buy Our Liquid Sculpey® Embellishments Jewelry Kit Today

Whether you want to try making jewelry for yourself or need a gift for a creative friend, the Liquid Sculpey® Embellishments Jewelry Kit is an excellent choice. With the quality liquid clay, convenient mold and crafting embellishments, you'll be making beautiful, unique pieces in no time.

Order your Liquid Sculpey® Embellishments Jewelry Kit today to begin your jewelry journey!

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