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Sculpey Mold Maker

Sculpey Mold Maker

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Unlock the power of replication with Sculpey Mold Maker, an essential tool in the world of clay creation. Whether you're looking to streamline your creative process, reproduce your own masterpieces, or transform found objects into clay treasures, our easy-to-use, one-part system is your ticket to precision and efficiency.

  • Simple 1-Part System: User-friendly system follows a straightforward three-step process: Condition, Mold, Copy. It's as easy as that!
  • Swift Mold Creation: You can create molds in a matter of minutes, allowing you to dive right into your clay creations without delay.
  • Precision Replication: Achieve exact replicas, down to the finest of details.
  • Polymer Clay Compatibility: This compound is fully compatible with polymer clay, making it an ideal companion for your clay projects. Create consistent and precise clay pieces with ease.
  • Extended Working Time: Mold Maker won't harden until baked, giving you an extended working time to perfect your molds and ensure they meet your exacting standards.
  • No Shrinkage, Easy Demolding: Experience molds with no shrinkage and exceptional flexibility. Demolding becomes a breeze, thanks to the flexibility of Mold Maker

Includes (2) 4 oz. bars

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Product Instruction

Sculpey Mold Maker Clay

Sculpey Mold Maker Clay is a soft, moldable clay that's perfect for shaping around even the most intricate details. Once cured, it's an ideal mold for polymer clay.

Here's how to use this polymer clay mold maker:

  1. Prepare: Create a crafting area using a Sculpey Tools™ Oven-Safe Work Mat, wax paper, foil or a metal baking sheet. Choose the object you want to mold. 
  2. Mold: Cut a piece of Sculpey Mold Maker Clay, knead it and create a ball. Set it on your work surface, flatten it slightly and press the object into the clay. 
  3. Cure: Peel the mold carefully off your work surface and remove that object. Bake the clay according to the baking instructions to create a finished mold. 

Crafting Masterpieces With Sculpey Mold Maker Clay

Sculpey Mold Maker Clay is a handy tool for polymer clay molding. It lets you replicate past clay projects or even make found objects into molds for future crafts. Here are a few ways to use it in your crafting:

  • Make molds of past charms or earrings for use in jewelry projects.
  • Cast found objects like shells, coins or buttons to make embellishments for frames or ornaments.
  • Create unique textures for stamping jewelry or making papercrafts.

Start Crafting With Sculpey Mold Maker Clay

Sculpey Mold Maker Clay lets you create your own molds for various craft projects. Buy it online today to start your next project!

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