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Sculpey Keepsake

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Keepsake Clay Kits

Keepsake Clay Kits from Sculpey® let you create a lifetime of memories in just minutes. Keepsake Kits help you remember events, people and places that bring you happiness — they are just as fun to create as they are to enjoy. From your beloved pet's memorial paw print to your baby's first handprint or footprint, there's no tradition like keepsakes for keeping precious moments alive. Non-toxic clay from Sculpey® is safe and easy to use so you can capture those precious little hands and feet.


Sculpey Keepsake® Kits

Choose from the following Sculpey Keepsake® Kits:

Deluxe Handprint Keepsake Kits: Tips for Working With Polymer Clay

There's nothing quite as precious as a newborn baby — they really do grow so fast! Sculpey® is thrilled to offer Keepsake Oven Bake Clay Kits to help parents remember how small their infants were when they entered the world. Clay products only require infants to remain still for short periods and are safe to use on their sensitive skin. To get started on your handprint keepsake, follow the steps below:

  • - Knead the clay in your hands until it's soft and pliable. 
  • - Once the clay is soft, roll it into a ball and place it on a clean, flat work surface. 
  • - Roll out the clay until it's about 1/2 an inch thick, then mold it using the shaping ring included in the Sculpey® Keepsake Kit. 
  • - Press the foot with toes straight or hand with fingers splayed firmly into the clay. For best results, you may have to hold your infant above the clay when making the impression. Take care to press down on the toes or fingers to get a solid imprint.
  • - If your impression does not come out on your first try, don't worry! Polymer clay remains flexible and soft until baked in your home oven, meaning you can re-create impressions as often as you'd like before baking. 
  • - Use the included detail tool to write out the date and your baby's age. Remember to puncture a hole in the top if you plan on hanging it!
  • - Always read the baking instructions on your Sculpey® Keepsake Kit. In general, keepsakes bake for an average of 30 minutes at 275 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  • - Use our Sculpey® Pet/Baby oven-safe mold to add embellishments to your keepsake. 
  • - Position clay on a baking sheet and place it in the oven to bake. After this process is complete, allow it to cool completely. 

Order Your Clay Keepsake Kit From Sculpey® Today 

Ready to remember your best memories in style? We want to help you create with ease and confidence, so feel free to contact a Sculpey® representative for more information. Order a Keepsake Kit from Sculpey® today to begin your journey of creative discovery.