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Sculpey Bake ’n Bend Monkey

Sculpey Bake ’n Bend Monkey

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Sculpey Bake ’n Bend is so flexy after it’s baked that it’s really fun & easy to make toys with super skinny parts that won’t break.

Designed by Amy Koranek

Bake 'n Bend colors used:

Sculpey® Bake ’n Bend 2oz. Red - 1 Block Sculpey® Bake ’n Bend 2oz. Orange - 1 Block Sculpey® Bake ’n Bend 2oz. White - 1 Block Sculpey® Bake ’n Bend 2oz. Black - 1 Block
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Project Instructions
Getting Started:Polymer clay may stain. CLAY MAY DAMAGE UNPROTECTED FURNITURE OR FINISHED SURFACES. DO NOT USE polymer clay on unprotected surfaces. We recommend working on the Sculpey® Work ‘n Bake Clay Mat, wax paper, metal baking sheet, or disposable foil. Start with clean hands and work surface area. Knead clay until soft and smooth. For best results, clean your hands in between colors. Shape clay, pressing pieces together firmly. Bake on oven-proof glass or metal surface at 275°F (130 °C) for 30 minutes per ¼" (6 mm) thickness. For best baking results, use an oven thermometer. DO NOT USE MICROWAVE OVEN. DO NOT EXCEED THE ABOVE TEMPERATURE OR RECOMMENDED BAKING TIME. Wash hands after use. Baking should be completed by an adult. Begin by preheating oven to 275 °F (130 °C). Test temperature with oven thermometer for perfectly cured clay. For best results, condition all clay by running it through the Clay Conditioning Machine for several passes on the widest setting. Fold the clay in half after each pass and insert the fold side into the rollers first.
Shape four pieces of Red clay that are tapered on one end and flattened on the other. Two should be longer for legs and two shorter for arms.
Make a large cone shape from Red for the body. Flatten an Orange tummy onto the front and give him a belly button if you’d like. Push the toothpick down through the body with at least 1/2” of it sticking out of the top
Make a long Red snake and coil it up for the tail.
I am going to do the next steps right onto my baking pan so I don’t have to move the monkey again when it comes time to bake him. Position the tail and the two legs in a triangle shape on the baking pan.
Push the body piece right onto the top of the tail and legs, connecting them all together.
Add little thumbs to the hands on the arms you made earlier in step 1.
Add the arms to the top of the body area. Push a big round head onto the toothpick.
Add half round ears to the head. Add a big Orange nose to the face.
Add White eyes with Black pupils and a cute Black nose. Use the scoop tool to push in and shape a mouth. Position his arms and legs in whatever position you want him to rest in.
Bake your monkey at 275 for 20 minutes. When he is cool you can remove him from the pan and play with him. You can bend and flex him and he will always return to his resting position.