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Super Sculpey

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Super Sculpey®

Crafters also love Super Sculpey® for creating finely detailed finished sculptures. After curing in the oven, Super Sculpey® can be drilled, carved, sanded and painted with water-based acrylic paints. 

Differences between Super Sculpey, Super Sculpey Medium, and Super Sculpey Firm


Super Sculpey®: A Clay for Doll Makers and Sculptors

Loved by doll makers, artists and animation studios around the world, Super Sculpey® is prized for its ceramic-like feel and semi-translucent beige shade that mimics the glow of real skin after baking.

Although Super Sculpey® comes in one shade, clayers often mix it with Sculpey® III or premo Sculpey® to change its color. Other advantages to using Super Sculpey® include:

  • - Its ease of conditioning right out of the package.
  • - A formula that remains soft until baked.
  • - Its fine detailing and tooling characteristics — Super Sculpey® does not "fill in" after tooling.

Super Sculpey® Firm

Polymer clay that is too soft can sometimes be prone to bending and blurring — but not Super Sculpey® Firm. Sculptors can easily tool, detail and carve this clay. Professional sculptors and photographers working in animation studios can see even the tiniest of details in Super Sculpey® Firm — and, when necessary, catch them on film. 

Super Sculpey® Firm is grey and can be drilled, sanded, carved and painted with water-based acrylic paint. 

Super Sculpey® Medium Blend

Super Sculpey® Medium is the perfect mix of both Super Sculpey® Firm and Super Sculpey®. Super Sculpey® Medium:

  • - Allows clayers to carve details into their clay effortlessly.
  • - Is firm enough to hold its shape yet malleable enough to build and blend pieces.
  • - Allows you to build up more additive methods and focus on building out shapes in small increments.
  • - Achieves a premium level of pliability after being kneaded slightly. 
  • - Blends smoothly and cuts down on sanding time.
  • - Is chip and shatter-resistant and available in an easy-to-cut scored bar.

Super Sculpey® Living Doll

Super Sculpey® Living Doll polymer clay creates lifelike figurines with fine, realistic features and blends effortlessly to make stunning models and dolls. Using Super Sculpey® Living Doll clay offers crafters numerous advantages thanks to its premium features:

  • - Made for smooth bending 
  • - Remains soft and malleable right out of the - package
  • - Flexible and workable
  • - Size and color are retained even after baking
  • - Incredibly durable, professional-grade material
  • - Finish that won't show seams when baked

Baking Instructions

Bake Super Sculpey® at 275 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 minutes per 1/4 inch of thickness. Once your project has cooled completely, you can glaze Super Sculpey® with Sculpey® Glaze or paint with acrylics. 

Store Super Sculpey® away from direct sunlight in a cool, dry area. If stored properly, this polymer clay will keep almost indefinitely. 

Order Clay From Sculpey®

Sculpey® is excited to inspire you to create with the best polymer clay on the market. 

If you have questions about which Super Sculpey® line is best for your project, please reach out to a representative online. Ready to get started? Order Super Sculpey® online today for a remarkable creating experience.