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Liquid Sculpey Modern Striped Pendants

Liquid Sculpey Modern Striped Pendants

Designed by Anke Humpert
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Make modern stripy pendants with Liquid Sculpey and the Sculpey Silicone Jewelry Mold. They are easy and quick to make so you can make some for your friends as well!

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  • Paper towels
  • Jewelry pliers
  • Jump rings
  • Chain
  • Findings for the necklace
  • Optional: glitter, seed beads or little metal trinkets
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Project Instructions
    Getting Started:
Please make sure your work area is covered and you are not working on an unprotected surface. We recommend working on the Sculpey® Oven Safe Work Mat, wax paper, metal baking sheet, or disposable foil. Uncured Liquid Polymer Clay may damage unprotected furniture or finished surfaces. Be sure to cover your crafting area appropriately. - Stir Liquid Sculpey® completely. Thin with Sculpey® Liquid Clay Softener as needed - Wash hands after use (we have found that baby wipes work best)

• It is important to use oven thermometer when you bake the liquids so that you can ensure your oven is at the correct temperature. • Do not microwave the liquids. They must be baked in a Preheated oven at 275 ºF (130 ºC) for liquid colors and 300 ºF (149 ºC) for Clear – Do not exceed baking temperatures. • If your piece is less than 1/4” bake for 15 minutes. For thicker pieces that are 1/4” or above bake for 30 minutes. • If your liquid project has become yellowed or discolored in the oven, when you remake it, tent it by placing either – folding an index card in half and placing your project under it or by using aluminum foil over your project.
Use your blade and cut the piece in stripes or rectangles, going from one side to the other. Cut as many pieces as you like
Place the cured pieces back into the mold, skipping every second stripe or rectangle. TIP: I find it easier to use the top piece with the hanging hole again instead of refilling it
Use one or more of your other liquid clay colors and refill all the open spaces. Be careful not to have the clay overflow and cover the already baked pieces!
Optional: if using clear liquid clay you can also use glitter, seed beads and or tiny trinkets and drop them in the clear clay. Be careful to only use pieces that can be cured with the clay! Bake according to the directions in Step 1. 
Try out different combinations of stripes and colors. If you make two pieces that look the same you can also use then for earrings or pendants for friends!
Another option is to fill the mold about half way with clear liquid clay and then add stripes of other clay colors on top. You can use your needle tool to manipulate the stripes and make little swirls in them! Bake according to the directions in Step 1. 
Add a jump ring to the top of your finished pendant and hang it from a necklace. You can make more and change them as you wish.