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Liquid Sculpey® Icicle Inclusion Pendant

Liquid Sculpey® Icicle Inclusion Pendant

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Liquid Sculpey® and glitter combine to make a sparkly necklace! 

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  • Silicone resin icicle or crystal shaped mold
  • Glitter
  • Chain
  • Monafiliment
  • Crimp Bead
  • Glass Dish
  • Mini metal shaped pieces
  • 12mm Jump Ring
  • 6 Glass beads
  • Aqua alcohol ink
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Project Instructions
    Getting Started:
Please make sure your work area is covered and you are not working on an unprotected surface. We recommend working on the Sculpey® Oven Safe Work Mat, wax paper, metal baking sheet, or disposable foil. Uncured Liquid Polymer Clay may damage unprotected furniture or finished surfaces. Be sure to cover your crafting area appropriately. - Stir Liquid Sculpey® completely. Thin with Sculpey® Liquid Clay Softener as needed - Wash hands after use (we have found that baby wipes work best)

• It is important to use oven thermometer when you bake the liquids so that you can ensure your oven is at the correct temperature. • Do not microwave the liquids. They must be baked in a Preheated oven at 275 ºF (130 ºC) for liquid colors and 300 ºF (149 ºC) for Clear – Do not exceed baking temperatures. • If your piece is less than 1/4” bake for 15 minutes. For thicker pieces that are 1/4” or above bake for 30 minutes. • If your liquid project has become yellowed or discolored in the oven, when you remake it, tent it by placing either – folding an index card in half and placing your project under it or by using aluminum foil over your project.
Cut a length of the monofilament at least twice as long as the length of your mold. Fold the monofilament in half and thread it through the large crimp bead. Under the large crimp bead, smash one of the smaller crimp beads in place with the pliers. Smash the second small crimp bead into place at the tail end of the monofilament
equipment needed to create clay icicle pendant
Lay the monofilament on a glass baking dish. I’m using glass here so that after the first baking, the monofilament will easily peel away from the glass. Place the monofilament strand next to the mold just so you can compare the two items for size. Stir the Clear Liquid Sculpey (LS) completely. Squirt a line of Clear LS along the monofilament. Position inclusions in the Clear LS on top of the monofilament. I place larger inclusions at the tops where my mold is wider and smaller inclusions toward the bottom where the mold is more narrow.
use liquid sculpey to create pendant
Bake the monofilament in the oven at 300 °F for 20 minutes just to set the Clear LS. When it is completely cool, snip off the extra length of monofilament and the bottom crimp bead with scissors.
glue pieces of clay icicle together
Attach the 12mm jump ring through the top crimp bead
attach clay pendant to keychain
Stir the Clear LS completely. Pour a small amount of Clear LS in a paper baking cup. Add just a drop of aqua colored alcohol ink to the LS. Also add a little gold glitter and a little silver glitter. Mix all completely with one of the purple tools.
mix liquid sculpey
Stand the mold up using something to support it so it does not fall over. My mold has a square bottom and stood up perfectly in the Sculpey® Silicone Jewelry Mold. Place the monofilament with the inclusions inside the tall mold. Place the jump ring over the top of the mold so the monofilament stays in place. Carefully fill the mold with the tinted Clear LS. Tap the mold gently to allow air bubbles to float to the top. Place a damp cloth in the bottom of your baking pan. Place the filled resin mold and whatever you are using to keep the mold upright on top of the damp cloth. Bake at 275 °F for 20 minutes to set the shape. The wet cloth and the low baking temperature will help the piece to set without bubbles. After this first baking, remove the piece from the oven. Pre-heat the oven to 325 °F. Place the molded piece in the hot oven and bake for 20 more minutes to clear the Clear LS.
add liquid sculpey to mold
When the piece is completely cool, carefully remove it from the pan. Place in a freezer for just a few minutes. The cold will help the molded piece release from the mold. When you see the molded piece releasing along the side, you can carefully pull it out of the mold with the jump ring on top.
finished liquid sculpey icicle
Remove the 12mm jump ring. Connect the open jump ring at the top to the chain with a 6mm jump ring. String one glass bead onto each of the eye pins. Trim the eye pins to 1/2” from the glass bead. Use the round nose pliers to turn an eye into the trimmed end so that the glass bead has an eye on each side. Repeat for all six glass beads. Cut the chain 1.5” away from the molded piece on each side. Add a bead to each side connecting it with 4mm jump rings. Connect 1.5” of chain to the other side of the glass bead. Repeat two more times so that each side of the chain has three glass beads attached in 1.5” intervals with jump rings
add liquid sculpey icicle to chain