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Liquid Sculpey® Liquid Flowers Earrings

Liquid Sculpey® Liquid Flowers Earrings

Designed by Amy Koranek
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Liquid Sculpey® Clear will help your create a perfect little garden for your earrings! Why not create a matching pendant as well? All you need are some metal bezels and tiny dried flowers and/or leaves. Look for the ones that are usually used for fingernail art.

Designer’s Note - to really pump up the Clear and make it super shiny, you can use a heat gun. Place the baked liquid pieces on a heat safe plate. Turn the heat gun on “HI” and move it slowly back and forth across the pieces. You will see the Clear areas go really clear and turn shiny. When this happens, turn off the heat gun and allow to cool completely. TIME TO COMPLETE: 45 Minutes to make, bake, and assemble
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  • Paper towel
  • Knitting needle or pop sickle stick for stirring liquids
  • Oven safe glass plate
  • Metal bezels (2)
  • Dried flowers and leaves
  • Optional - heat gun
  • Gold tone jump rings (2)
  • Gold tone ear wires (2)
  • Flat nose pliers
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Project Instructions
    Getting Started with Liquid Sculpey®:
Please make sure your work area is covered and you are not working on an unprotected surface. We recommend working on the Sculpey® Oven Safe Work Mat, wax paper, metal baking sheet, or disposable foil. Uncured Liquid Polymer Clay may damage unprotected furniture or finished surfaces. Be sure to cover your crafting area appropriately. - Stir Liquid Sculpey® completely. Thin with Sculpey® Liquid Clay Softener as needed - Wash hands after use (we have found that baby wipes work best)

  • It is important to use oven thermometer when you bake the liquids so that you can ensure your oven is at the correct temperature.
  • Do not microwave the liquids. They must be baked in a Preheated oven at 275 ºF (130 ºC) for liquid colors and 300 ºF (149 ºC) for Clear – Do not exceed baking temperatures.
  • If your piece is less than 1/4” bake for 15 minutes. For thicker pieces that are 1/4” or above bake for 30 minutes.
  • If your liquid project has become yellowed or discolored in the oven, when you remake it, tent it by placing either – folding an index card in half and placing your project under it or by using aluminum foil over your project.
Position metal bezels on an oven safe glass plate. I am using a glass plate that just so happens to have a grid marked on it. The grid is not important for this project.

I placed the bezels so that the eye part hangs over the edge of the glass. This is because in my bezels the eye parts are thicker and won’t allow the bezel area to lay flat.

Place a small amount of Clear Liquid Sculpey® (LS) in each bezel. The bezels do not need to be filled completely up at this time leaving room to maneuver the dried flowers.
photo shows bezel position
Add a few dried flowers or leaves to the Clear LS.
photo shows flowers and leaves added
Add a little Clear LS over the top of the first layer. You can spread the LS with the tip of a toothpick or knitting needle.
photo shows more LS added on top of flowers in bezel
Add another layer of flowers.
photo shows adding more flowers
Add more Clear LS to cover the flowers. It’s okay if a little bit of LS seeps under the edge of the bezels.
photo shows more LS added and seeps under edge of bezel
Bake the bezels on the glass following the baking instructions. Allow to cool completely before handling.

Carefully peel the bezels from the glass.
photo shows baked bezels
Use sharp scissors to trim away the excess baked LS from the edges of the bezels.
photo shows trimming LS from outside edges of bezel
Use flat nose pliers to add jump rings and ear wires.
photo shows the final photo from the artist