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Liquid Sculpey® Clear


Liquid polymer clay is a versatile product that can be used in Sculpey bakeable silicone molds, to embellish clay, used as grout, image transfers, window clings and so much more! So simple to use it is perfect for beginners!

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Liquid Sculpey® Liquid Polymer Clays do not give off toxic chemicals during the curing process. However, you will experience a  slight odor and smoking which is non-hazardous. To minimize this, we suggest using an oven hood fan and if you are using molds, only bake one at a time. We always recommend using an oven thermometer. Many times, ovens are not calibrated accurately, and are actually hotter than the temperature set on the dial. Just pre-heat your oven for 15-20 minutes which should be long enough to reach the temperature on the oven thermometer needed to cure your project.

  • Bake at 300 °F (149 °C) for 15-30 minutes.
  • Hitting baked pieces with a heat gun will increase the translucency. 


Please make sure your work area is covered and you are not working on an unprotected surface. We recommend working on the Sculpey Tools™ Oven Safe Work Mat, wax paper, metal baking sheet, or disposable foil. Uncured clay may damage unprotected furniture or finished surfaces. Be sure to cover your crafting area appropriately.

Tip for using Clear Liquid Sculpey in molds -  Bake the mold filled with Clear Liquid Sculpey  at 250 °F for 30 minutes.  Remove mold from oven, and once the pieces are cool, remove from mold.  Then rebake the pieces on an oven safe baking surface at 325 °F for 20 minutes to make the pieces extremely clear. 


Liquid Polymer Clay: Features and Benefits 

Clear liquid polymer clay from Sculpey® comes in a 1- or 2-ounce bottle.

Liquid Sculpey® Clear:

  • Is great for "drawing" with clay and detailing miniature pieces.
  • Works perfectly with Sculpey® Silicone Bakeable Molds.
  • Maintains a crisp line when used with image transfers.
  • Allows perfect visibility of additives such as spices, dried flowers and glitter.
  • Is ideal for use in molds and re-baking layers.
  • Can be used as a coating to achieve a resin-like finish.
  • Can be colored with alcohol-based inks before baking.
  • Is 100% transparent.

Comparing Different Types of Liquid Polymer Clay

Sculpey® offers liquid polymer clay in three types of finishes — matte, metallic and translucents. As one of the translucent finishes, Liquid Sculpey® Clear is known for being genuinely see-through while Liquid Sculpey® Translucent makes an excellent matte surface coating.

Another major difference between Liquid Sculpey® Translucent and Liquid Sculpey® Clear is that the translucent finish is slightly cloudy with light passing through. Liquid Sculpey® Clear, on the other hand, is similar to glass in that it's completely clear when you look through it.

With our different products, you can choose the option that best fits your crafting goals. 

All About Liquid Sculpey® Clear

Clear liquid polymer clay from Sculpey® is a white syrup-like liquid that closely resembles white glue in consistency. While you can use Liquid Sculpey® Clear the same way as any of its liquid counterparts, this compound stands out due to how incredibly clear it is — especially when baked. Liquid Sculpey® Clear bakes to a satin finish and forms an excellent glossy coating when you hit it with a heat gun after baking your piece.

Make sure you stir Sculpey® clear liquid clay before every use for the best results.

Get Creative With Liquid Sculpey® Clear 

For over five decades, Sculpey® has built a reputation for offering high-quality polymer clay products and superior customer service. 

We believe in the power of creativity and love sharing ideas from our featured artists for your inspiration! We also want to make crafting easy and fun and offer tools and accessories specifically designed to work with clay. 

Buy Liquid Sculpey® Clear today and let your imagination soar.