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Sculpey® Gift Cards

What do you get for a crafty, creative person who loves DIY projects? A Sculpey® gift card, of course!

Our Sculpey® gift cards remain one of the best ways to delight the clayer or budding crafter in your life. Introduce someone to the world of colorful polymer clay with a gift card in the denomination that suits your needs.

The Sculpey® gift card is perfect for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, thank-you's and "thinking of you" surprises!

What Can a Sculpey® Gift Card Buy?

When you have a Sculpey® gift card in your hand, you can buy anything and everything at our Sculpey® online shop.

What are some of our bestselling products available for purchase with one of our exclusive gift cards?

  • Original Sculpey®: It's the polymer clay that started it all! Priced right, this oven-bake clay is guaranteed to remain flexible at room temperature until it's baked. Every box of non-sticky Original Sculpey® has the potential to become anything from jewelry or keepsake ornaments to figurines and sculptures!
  • Sculpey Soufflé™: This lightweight polymer clay bakes to an appealing suede finish. It's a clayer's delight and perfect for anyone who has a little more experience with claying.
  • Sculpey Premo™: Detailed clay projects spring to life with Sculpey Premo™. This premium oven-bake clay comes in so many different colors, including trendier hues that are hard to find anywhere else.
  • Sculpey III®: Newer clayers and younger clayers will find Sculpey III® a wonderful medium to explore their artistic ideas. Sculpey III® comes in several economically sized packages, making it the right fit for teachers with busy classrooms.
  • Super Sculpey®: Know someone who wants to make small, finely detailed statuary out of polymer clay? Give them a clay gift card from Sculpey® and invite them to purchase some Super Sculpey®.
  • Liquid Sculpey®: Many people don't realize that the Sculpey® they've heard so much about comes in liquid form! Our Liquid Sculpey® works well when used in silicone molds. Imaginations can't help but run wild when they can work with some high-quality Liquid Sculpey®. Available in glamorous metallics, too!
  • Polymer clay tools: Every clayer needs more than just the raw materials. That's why Sculpey® proudly presents plenty of tools and accessories. Cutting, trimming, adorning, shaping and molding clay is so much easier with the right equipment for the job.
  • Kits: Over the years, we've noticed that people just love our kits, so we price them affordably so clayers can try new techniques on a budget. Who wouldn't want to spend some Sculpey® gift card dollars on a specialty kit to make crafts or jewelry?

Of course, the Sculpey® family of polymer clay and clay-related items includes so much more than we could possibly list here. In other words, your clay gift card is sure to be a hit!

Order Sculpey® Gift Cards Today

Why wait to make someone's day? At Sculpey®, we allow you to purchase gift cards any time of day or night. You can have us send the gift card to you directly or to someone else for your convenience.

Order up some Sculpey® fun in gift card form today!