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Sculpey Premo DIY Starter Set - Fashion Icon

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This comprehensive set is perfect for anyone that wants to make polymer clay jewelry! It includes clay and basic tools perfect to get started. The deluxe tools included can be used in future clay projects! 

  • This set includes Sculpey Premo™ clay which is the perfect clay for making jewelry!
  • Sculpey Premo™ is soft enough to blend easily but firm enough to hold fine details and flexible making it perfect for specialized techniques! 

Set includes:

  • (4) 1 oz (28 g) bars of Sculpey Premo™ clay:
    • 5001 White
    • 5093 Ecru
    • 5065 Gray Granite
    • 5120 Graphite Pearl
  • Tools:
    • Needle tool
    • Blade
    • Clay roller
    • Jewelry Template sheet
  • Comprehensive instruction booklet that includes step by step projects to make.
    • Learn these techniques
      • Marbling
      • Mokume gane
      • Terrazzo
      • DIY Beads - Round, Curved Tube, Marbled and Textured
      • Simple Bulls Eye Cane
      • Mirror image
    • Choose from step by step projects:
      • Hexagon Earrings
      • Terrazzo Earrings
      • Marbled Earrings
      • Bead Bracelet
      • Mokume Gane Necklace
      • Bull’s-Eye-Cane Necklace
      • Mirror Image Bracelet
      • Marbled ring cone

(Jewelry findings and pliers not included)

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  • Bake at 275 °F (130 °C) for 30 minutes per 1/4 in (6 mm) thickness.


Please make sure your work area is covered and you are not working on an unprotected surface. We recommend working on the Sculpey Tools™ Oven-Safe Work Mat, wax paper, metal baking sheet, or disposable foil. Uncured clay may damage unprotected furniture or finished surfaces. Be sure to cover your crafting area appropriately.