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Color Tints

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Sculpey Color Tints are the ultimate solution for creating custom hues of Liquid Sculpey, Sculpey clay and resin! With our Multi-Pack, including Red, Blue, and Yellow, you'll have the power to infuse your creations with a vibrant spectrum of possibilities.

  • Intense and Highly Concentrated Pigments: Crafted with intense and highly concentrated pigments.
  • Vibrant Permanence: Vibrant, permanent inks that won't fade even when exposed to direct light.
  • Create Unique Custom Colors: Unleash your creativity and blend Color Tints together to craft unique custom colors. Whether you're dreaming of lush greens, sunny oranges, or regal purples, these tints empower you to bring your vision to life.
  • Minimize Air Bubbles: Unlike alcohol inks, which can introduce air bubbles due to the time it takes for alcohol to evaporate, our Color Tints offer a solution that minimizes the presence of unwanted bubbles, ensuring a smooth and flawless finish.
  • Precision Tip for Effortless Coloring: Each Color Tint bottle comes equipped with a precision tip, ensuring effortless and precise coloring, so you can achieve your desired shades with ease.

Each pack includes Three ½ oz. bottles in Red, Blue and Yellow

***Note ink will stain skin, clothing and surfaces. Wear gloves and protect clothing and work surfaces.

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Product Instruction
  1. Shake well before use.
  2. Add drops one at a time to achieve desired color.
  3. Knead clay or stir Liquid Sculpey or Resin to combine after adding drop of color tint.
  4. Bake following clay or Liquid Sculpey instructions.
  5. No need to seal finished project once baked.
  6. Clean up tools using baby oil, followed by rubbing alcohol.
  7. Clean hands using blue liquid dish soap.
  8. NOTICE - Ink will stain clothing, skin, and surfaces. Wear gloves and protect clothing and your work surface.

Polymer Clay Color Tints

Expand the possibilities of your polymer clay with color tints. These tints allow you to create custom colors and enhance the richness of colors for your craft projects. 

Practical Applications for Polymer Clay Color Tints

We offer polymer clay tints in blue, yellow, red, and a variety of other colors for tinting these Sculpey products:  

  • Liquid Sculpey® Pearl
  • Liquid Sculpey® Clear
  • Sculpey Premo™ Translucent

Use our mixing chart or create your own custom colors for all your clay crafts. These color tints are an excellent way to make a whole rainbow of hues with a single clay color. 

Your new color shades allow you to create unique jewelry designs like pendants, bracelet beads or earrings. You might use these custom colors to craft unique window or mirror clings that look like stained glass. Custom colors also add some fun to clay projects like picture frames, holiday ornaments and papercraft projects. 

Unleashing Creativity With Polymer Clay Color Tints

Color tints are a fun way to level up your polymer clay projects, allowing for almost limitless color possibilities. These tints are also beginner-friendly and easy to use, meaning you can add them to the crafting process in a snap. Advanced polymer clay crafters can use them to create beautiful gradients or waves of color throughout their pieces. 

Explore the Possibilities of Polymer Clay Color Tints

Using Sculpey color tints, you can transform one clay color into many different shades. You can use them with our Liquid Sculpey® or any of our Sculpey polymer clays for various projects, from jewelry-making to window clings. Buy color tints for polymer clay online today!

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