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  1. small final image for Sculpey Premo™ Pastels Charm Bracelet
    Sculpey Premo™ Pastels Charm Bracelet

    Starting at $3.29

  2. Final image for Sculpey Premo™ Chunky Rings
    Sculpey Premo™ Chunky Rings

    Starting at $3.29

  3. Final image for Sculpey Premo™ Terrazzo Marbled Teardrop Earrings
    Sculpey Premo™ Terrazzo Marbled Teardrop Earrings

    Starting at $3.29

  4. Sculpey Premo™ Speckled Tube Bead Necklace
    Sculpey Premo™ Speckled Tube Bead Necklace

    Starting at $3.29

  5. Black and White Striped Pop earrings
    Sculpey Premo™ Stripe & Pop Earrings

    Starting at $3.29

  6. A Makeup Brush Jar painted white,pink,green, and orange
    Sculpey Premo™ Painted Makeup Brush Jar

    Starting at $3.29

  7. Faux Malachite Pencil Jar
    Sculpey Premo™ Easy Faux Malachite Pencil Jar

    Starting at $3.29

  8. Mint Chocolate Chip Mug
    Sculpey Premo™ Mint Chocolate Chip Mug

    Starting at $3.29

  9. Mint Green Faux Terrazzo Earrings with black and white detail
    Sculpey Premo™ Minted Faux Terrazzo Earrings

    Starting at $0.99

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How to Create With Polymer Clay

Polymer clay is pliable, versatile and easy to work with, making it the perfect choice for beginners and professionals. Clayers can mold various creations, from simplistic to intricately detailed items. Whether you're starting out or looking for new ideas, we have numerous polymer clay projects for you to try. 

Preparing for Polymer Clay Projects 

When working with polymer clay of any type, proper preparation is essential. Condition the clay for workability to ensure you get the best results once baked. Fortunately, Sculpey clay is easy to condition and will only take a short period to get your desired consistency. To start working on your project, you will also need: 

  • An oven-safe surface 
  • Clay blades or tools 
  • Toaster or standard oven 

Polymer Clay Projects to Try At Home Using Sculpey® 

Creating with Sculpey polymer clay is fun, with endless options of what you can make. Here are a few different clay projects you can draw inspiration from: 

Create Jewelry

Most of our polymer clays are excellent for jewelry making. Use Sculpey Premo™ clay to create earrings, pendants or bracelets. It features vibrant colors, including metallic and glittery effects, enabling you to make eye-catching jewelry. 

You can also make mixed-media jewelry by creating pieces with a combination of polymer clay and other materials such as ribbons, metal beads and charms.

Embellish Items

Polymer clay is great for embellishing various items, including cards, scrapbooks, coffee mugs and planners. The clay can make a stunning frame for photos and cards, or breathe new life into your favorite coffee mug with personalized decorations.

Decorate Your Home 

Polymer clay can be molded into almost any shape, making it an excellent choice for creating an array of home decor pieces. You can create fun, exciting coasters or wall-mounted flower pots. With our several types of Sculpey clay, the options are endless. 

Make Refrigerator Magnets

You can mold your Sculpey clay into small lively creations and glue magnets on them once baked to make decorative refrigerator magnets. 

Create Miniature Objects

Everything looks more adorable in miniature sizes. Using Sculpey clay, you can create smaller versions of your favorite foods, animals, toys or anything you want in a miniature size and put them on display. 

Start Working on Projects With Sculpey Polymer Clay

Sculpey offers several types of polymer clay for countless projects. To get more inspiration, browse through our featured polymer clay tutorials. Check our products to get started on your polymer clay projects!