Sculpey® III: Ideal for Beginners and Kids

Sculpey® III for Beginners and Kids

Sculpey® III is perfect for first-time crafters and kids due to its soft, easy-to-use texture. This oven-bake clay:

  • – Will stay soft until baked in your home oven.
  • – Can be stored and reused — will not dry out!
  • – Is easy to clean, bend and manipulate, making it a great introduction to crafting.
  • – Can be painted, drilled, sanded and carved once cured. You can even blend two or more colors to achieve the desired shade.
  • – Features a variety of bright colors and finishes, including translucent hues, metallics and glow-in-the-dark. 
  • – Is perfect for holiday and school projects. 

DIY Craft Ideas for Sculpey® III Oven-Bake Clay 

Sculpey® III is perfect for figurines, jewelry, home décor and fun seasonal gifts. Our clayers have used it for accents that look like glimmering agate geodes. Spark some creativity in your kids with our collection of Sculpey® III project ideas like the following:

  • – Decorated birdhouse ornaments
  • – Mom and me bookends
  • – Embellished buttons
  • – Decorated jewelry boxes
  • – Customized picture frames
  • – Scrapbooking embellishments 

How Do I Care for Oven-Bake Clay Creations?

To take the best care of your polymer clay creations, make sure to:

  • – Use a feather duster to remove surface dust.
  • – Keep the piece away from harsh chemicals when cleaning. Do not place your clay creations in a dishwasher, as heat and water will cause damage.
  • – Store your designs indoors. If exposed to direct sunlight, Sculpey® III oven-bake clay will fade over time. 
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