Easy Polymer Crafts for Little Ones

Sculpey oven-bake clay is a fun and easy craft for kids. With a variety of styles and colors, our polymer clay is perfect for any project. Your imagination is the limit! 

Using their hands to create something of their own is a great way for kids to express themselves and explore their creativity. Whether it’s for a cozy rainy day inside, a fun school project or an exciting birthday party, polymer crafts for kids will make any occasion a special one.

Our non-toxic, non-flammable clays come in several styles to fit your needs, like our classic oven-bake clays such as Sculpey Bake Shop® or our non-bake options, such as Sculpey Non-Dry™ and Sculpey Air-Dry™ clays.

Polymer Craft Ideas for Kids

The possibilities are endless when it comes to kid-approved polymer crafts. Little ones love to use their hands, build, invent and follow their imaginations. Here are just a few ideas to give you and your kids inspiration for your next crafting session.

Jewelry and Accessories

Kids will love to create cute and unique jewelry with polymer clay. They can use their favorite colors to make their own rainbow bracelets or flower earrings. Design a pendant or form colorful clay beads to make the perfect necklace. Kids can also use polymer clay to craft other accessories, like best friend necklaces or cat ears for a headband.


Create magnets to hold up special drawings and report cards on the fridge or another magnetic surface. Whimsical, colorful shapes add a dash of fun to a refrigerator door in the kitchen. Or you can make letter and number magnets to practice spelling and counting. Magnets of your child’s favorite animal or toy are lasting memories as well as practical tools. Personalize your home decor with handmade magnets.

Ornaments and Gifts

Polymer crafts are perfect for making personalized ornaments. Celebrate the holidays or commemorate a special occasion with an oven-bake clay ornament for your tree or to keep around the house. Use Sculpey clay to create candy canes, snowmen, dreidels and reindeer when the weather gets cold. You might also shape a picture frame and include a photograph to give the perfect gift for a birthday, wedding, graduation or celebration of any kind.

Mini Sculptures

Oven-bake clay is versatile, just like your imagination. Mini sculptures are an excellent way for kids to get in touch with their creativity. They can build and shape anything from their favorite characters to a beloved pet or even a self-portrait. Kids will love to decorate their room with their unique figurines or give them as gifts.

Your kids can also use polymer clay to make mini models or dioramas for school projects, small boxes and bowls, or fun keychains. Whatever the inspiration, clay is the perfect form of self-expression for kids.

Create Fun for Kids With Sculpey Today

At Sculpey, we know there’s no limit to creativity. Help your little ones explore their imaginations and have endless fun with polymer crafts for kids. Browse our products to find the materials for your next adventure or learn more about how to use Sculpey oven-bake clay today!

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