15 Tips for Craft Room Organization

If there’s one thing crafters crave, it’s a better organizational solution for the ever-growing collections of crafting supplies. Whether you scrapbook, paint, knit or shape clay, your craft room is a sanctuary where you bring your creative ideas to life. 

Discover how to organize and store craft supplies for all your hobbies, even if you’re short on space and budget. We’ve got the time-tested craft room storage ideas you need for your unique space!

The Importance of an Organized Craft Room Workspace

An organized craft room creates a calming, creative sanctuary — and a happy crafter! Looking for motivation to start the decluttering process? Here’s why organizing your craft room is totally worth it:

  • You’ll enjoy your hobbies more: A fresh, organized room energizes and motivates you to spend more time working on and completing projects.
  • You’ll save time: Instead of digging through drawers and piles of materials, you can find everything quickly so you can dive into your project right away.
  • You’ll boost your brain: Establishing a dedicated space for hobbies means more time crafting, and research indicates creative activities improve memory and attention.
  • You’ll feel better: Our physical environments impact how we work, function and feel. Studies show that a clean, organized space improves your mental health by reducing stress and anxiety. 
  • You’ll gain more space: Reclaim your kitchen table by moving craft supplies to their own room. When you have an official home for your craft supplies, you’ll find you have more space elsewhere!

15 Craft Room Organization Ideas

Crafting organization starts with setting up a great craft room layout. Banish clutter, establish work zones, take advantage of vertical space and add a well-placed work table.

Create an organization foundation using clear containers and labels to locate supplies quickly. Learn how to organize craft room supplies like a pro and keep them organized with these unique craft storage ideas:

1. File Your Fabric

Avoid the mess of digging through piles of fabrics to find that perfect print for your project. Quilters, sewists and textile enthusiasts can quickly find materials at a glance using a filing system — literally! Wrap smaller cuts of fabric around cardboard rectangles or drape material on hanging files. Store fabric vertically in a file cabinet by color and material type.

2. Store Paints in Spice Racks

Out of the kitchen, into the craft room! Budget-friendly, multiuse spice racks can store craft paints, adhesives, glitter vials and small jars filled with just about anything — buttons, notions and little embellishments. Wall-mounted spice racks are the perfect size to store Liquid Sculpey® bottles and Sculpey® polymer clay glazes and softeners.

3. Repurpose Candle Jars and Other Containers

Recycle that collection of used candle jars for your craft room. Clear away the wax stuck to the bottom of the jar and clean thoroughly. Store small items like beads and desk supplies in lidded jars, or skip the lid to add claying tools, paintbrushes and pencils. You can reuse mason jars, apothecary vessels and plastic food containers, too!

4. Rethink Makeup and Tool Storage

Reimagine organizer systems’ potential for other uses and convert them to craft room solutions. Put crafting gear in stackable clear makeup organizer drawers. Mount nuts-and-bolts tool organizers on a wall or pegboard to hold hot glue sticks, jewelry fixings, gems, cabochons and other tiny embellishments. Load up a toolbox with art supplies for crafting on the go.

5. Corral Paper Rolls

Tuck a narrow trashcan, laundry hamper or canvas tote in a corner to store that spilling-over pile of rolls and tubes — craft paper, wrapping paper, craft foam, fabric bolts and dotted sewing pattern paper. This is an excellent solution for cosplay crafters to contain rolled thermoplastic sheets, large EVA foam rolls and PVC tubes.

6. Use a Rotating Craft Organizer

Keep tools in a spinning storage system. A Lazy Susan in the center of your table keeps go-to tools and craft supplies within arm’s reach. Have a spinning organizer near your sewing machine for pins, clips, scissors and thread. Make a colorful craft caddy for a kid’s playroom or classroom filled with crayons, stickers and washable markers.

7. Arrange Materials by Color

If you need to organize a collection, sort by color. Line up materials in order using the ROYGBIV system — red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet — and include sections for black, white, brown, neutrals and metallics as needed. Separate buttons in a rainbow array of jars. Arrange ribbons and fabrics by color. Store polymer clays by color in clear polypropylene plastic containers.

8. Create a Rubber Stamp Display

Lovely craft supplies can double as room decor when displayed creatively. Arrange a collection of rubber stamps in a wall-mounted vintage printer drawer, small curio cabinet or segmented shelves above your scrapbooking area. Shallow wall storage is a great way to house all your detail-adding resources like stamps, silicone Sculpey Tools™ Oven-Safe MoldsSilk Screens and Texture Sheets.

9. Mimic Store Setups

Take a cue from the retailers and store your paper the way craft stores do. Display sheets of 12-inch-by-12-inch scrapbook paper in stackable cubbies with slim horizontal divider shelves, or use a vertical wire rack with slanted shelves to easily see every paper style. Standard-size construction paper, cardstock, printer paper and smaller artist paper pads look tidy in a row of magazine holders. 

10. Make Your Own Custom Storage Solutions

Here’s a solution for that ever-growing pile of cardboard boxes — make custom storage bins for your craft room! Cover sturdy cardboard boxes with contact paper, peel-and-stick wallpaper or fabric. Small boxes make handy drawer inserts. Gather unused containers and baskets from around the house and spray-paint them the same color for a cohesive refresh.

11. Install a Rod Above Your Workspace

Hang a rod above the work table to declutter your countertops and free up valuable workspace. Attach clips and hooks to hold cups filled with scissors, pens, knitting needles and anything else you need for your hobbies. Remember the space above your countertops, too! Mount rods under cabinets to hang wire baskets and pails on hooks.

12. Add Roll Holders for Ribbons and Tape

Install tension rods or roll holders for rolls of ribbon, tape, string, washi tape and Sculpey Tools™ Cutters. Make your own by hanging dowel rods on hooks, or suspend a bungee cord with hooks from two hardware mounts. Make a gift-wrapping center with long rods to hold wrapping paper and cellophane, or designate an art zone with drawing paper rolls.

13. Turn a Door Into Storage Real Estate

Take advantage of an oft-overlooked spot — the front and back of doors. Your craft room can gain about 20 square feet of storage space from just one side of an average-sized interior door! Over-the-door pantry organizers and hanging clear pockets neatly hold a ton of supplies, and you can even hang an ironing board on the door in a sewing room.

14. Add a Customizable Pegboard or Slatwall

Maximize your vertical storage space with a made-for-change slatwall or pegboard system. For a fresh, clean look, paint your pegboard to match the wall color. Readjust and scale up the number of hooks, baskets and organizers any time you want without adding new wall holes or rearranging your room.

15. Make Supplies Mobile With Rolling Carts

Wheel supplies to any work area with a rolling cart. Fill themed carts with sewing, painting and claying supplies. Because most three-tier carts are metal, you can add extra storage with magnetic containers. Slip a narrow cart in an unused nook between the cabinet and the wall, or park it on the end of your craft island.

Create the Craft Room of Your Dreams With Sculpey® Products

Organizing craft room supplies is a joy when arranging innovative, multiuse tools and supplies! For more than 50 years, Sculpey® has created the highest quality craft supplies and creative resources on the market. Browse our beginner-friendly polymer clays and tools for your next craft room project.

Any questions? Check our How-To section for project tips, or contact us online today.

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