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Sculpey® Molds

You love crafting with polymer clay, whether it means making your own gorgeous jewelry pieces, creating personalized and perfect home décor items, devising new ideas for figurines, crafting with kids or sculpting small trinkets. There’s nothing like expressing your style, enhancing your imagination and indulging your hands by coming up with new clay creations. 

Molds are an easy way to get fast, amazing results when playing with clay! They also allow for quick and easy production of many pieces at one time. Our silicone molds can be baked right in the oven and can be used with all of our clay lines, even our Liquid Sculpey products! We also offer polymer clay push molds that are easy as 1 – 2 – 3 to use — simply fill mold with clay, remove from mold and bake! These flexible clay molds come in a variety of fun themes from flowers to dolls. The possibilities are endless!

Sculpey® Silicone Bakeable Molds for Jewelry

Do you enjoy making unique jewelry pieces with clay and using them to complement your own wardrobe, sell on the side or present as gifts to friends and loved ones? If you’re looking for different shapes or new inspiration for your necklaces, bracelets and earrings, try our bakeable Sculpey® Cabochon and Bezel molds to add unmistakable style and dimension. Our molds come in round, triangle, tear drop and donut shapes in a variety of sizes. Use air dry clay, oven bake polymer clay and even our liquid Sculpey® products for jewelry pieces, home décor and trinkets with a special flair.

Sculpey® Flexible Push Molds — Dolls

Feeling ambitious or wondering what it’s like to dive into more realistic clay projects? Try our beautiful, detailed doll molds in the shape of a fairy, woman or infant. These doll products feature realistic looking faces, limbs, ears and more to allow you to create without worry or extra time.

The sculpting is already done — all you have to is choose your colors, clay material and create your dolls by molding, flexing and releasing for each perfectly-shaped body part. You’ll feel like a master artist in no time!

Sculpey® Flexible Push Molds

Expand your clay crafting abilities and explore all our extraordinary molds for every kind of project and occasion.

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