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  1. Expresso Colored Polymer Clay
    Super Sculpey® Living Doll 1lb Espresso

    Available Qty : 3

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  2. Super Sculpey® Gray 1lb
    Super Sculpey® Gray 1lb

    Available Qty : 1

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  3. Sculpey Premo
    Sculpey Premo™
  4. Sculpey® III Beige 1 lb
    Sculpey® III Beige 1 lb

    Available Qty : 62

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  5. Sculpey III Clay
    Sculpey III®
  6. Super Sculpey® Living Doll polymer clay
    Super Sculpey Living Doll™
  7. Super Sculpey® medium 1 lb Gray
    Super Sculpey® Medium 1 lb Gray

    Available Qty : 9

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  8. Super Sculpey® Firm 1 lb Gray
    Super Sculpey® Firm 1 lb Gray

    Available Qty : 12

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Super Sculpey® 1 lb Beige
    Super Sculpey® Beige
  10. Original Sculpey
    Original Sculpey®
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Sculpey® Products

Are you a jewelry-maker, crafter or teacher looking for creative activities? If so, Sculpey® products are perfect for you.

From our humble beginnings in the 1960s to widespread acclaim in the new millennium, Sculpey® clays have become one of the most sought-after craft clays on the market.

When you choose polymer clay and clay products from Sculpey®, you'll enjoy access to multiple clay lines, tools, accessories, mediums and glazes.

Polymer Clays

Sculpey® clay lines encompass the following:


Mediums and Glazes

There are several varnishes, clear coatings and sealers available for polymer clay.