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Texture Sheets

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  1. Sculpey® Texture Sheet Geometric
    Sculpey Tools™ Geometric Texture Sheets

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  2. Sculpey Texture Sheet - Nature
    Sculpey Tools™ Nature Texture Sheets

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Sculpey Tools™ Texture Sheets 

Sculpey Tools™ Texture Sheets make it easy to shape your creativity. Simply place your clay onto one of our texture sheets — or vice versa — before carefully lifting it away for a design you can further embellish or use as-is. 


Texture Sheets From Sculpey®

The transparent, flexible material of the texture sheets from Sculpey® allows clayers to line up designs for a seamless pattern. Each package comes with two reusable texture sheets made from durable EVA material:

Spark Some Creativity With Sculpey Tools™ Texture Sheets

Whether you want to learn how to make ocean life textureslandscape-inspired ring dishes or stand-alone textured handmade ceramics, head on over to our blog to find out what our artists and crafters are creating. You can also glean inspiration from other polymer clay creations designed with Sculpey Tools™ Texture Sheets, including this beautiful Sculpey Soufflé™ Texture Tiled Triangle Shelf or our featured Liquid Sculpey® and Sculpey Soufflé™ Clay Textured Pendant

It's time to get creative — order Sculpey Tools™ Texture sheets online and start creating stunning three-dimensional texture patterns today.