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Polymer Clay Cutters 

Polymer clay shape cutters carve shapes into slabs of polymer clay. Polymer clay cutters are becoming increasingly popular among contemporary crafters, especially those who create holiday items, home décor and jewelry from polymer clay slabs.


What Are Polymer Clay Cutters Used For?

Because you can use your Sculpey® clay cutters across various craft types, they're great multi-purpose tools for your clay collection. Whether you want to create complex designs or add extra detail to a penholder, our clay cutters will make your project even easier and give you more control over your design.

Some of the best uses for our polymer clay cutters include projects such as:

    1. - Small items: Whether you want to create an ornate pencil holder or a small figurine, polymer clay cutters can make it even easier to cut small shapes. 
    2. - Household objects: To spice up your interior decoration, use polymer cutters to create eye-catching bowls, coasters and picture frames.
    3. - Jewelry pieces: Because polymer clay cutters give you extra precision, they're a great tool for creating rings, bracelets, necklaces and more.
    4. - Mixed media: With polymer clay cutters, you can easily cut out your desired clay shape and add it to an object around your house for a bold accent.


Polymer Clay Cutters and Jewelry Making Tools From Sculpey®

Sculpey® offers various polymer clay cutters that will give you multiple patterns that inspire your creations. We know that polymer clay is a beautiful medium for creating unique beads and jewelry, and that's why our cutters come in a variety of shapes:

  • - Graduated Circle
  • - Graduated Oval
  • - Graduated Tear Drop
  • - Geometric
  • - Triangle mosaic cutters
  • - Hexagon mosaic cutters
  • - Graduated irregular hearts
  • - Graduated squares 
  • - Graduated irregular ovals
  • - Graduated irregular triangles
  • - Graduated irregular rectangles 


Tips for Using and Organizing Polymer Clay Cutters

Storing your cutters will keep them accessible and in the best condition possible, so you will always know where to find what you're looking for to make your project complete. Try some of our organization tips for storing your Sculpey® polymer clay cutters:

  1. -Keep the edge covered: One of the best things about polymer clay cutters is their ability to hold on to your clay, so keeping the edge covered is an important part of storing them. Try covering the edge in plastic wrap, cornstarch or water to prevent your cutters from sticking to your clay.
  2. -Use the right box: To keep your polymer clay cutters in their original shape, store them in a sturdy box. You can use a repurposed box or a container made specifically for storage. Regardless, the box should be strong enough to help the cutters maintain their shape.
  3. -Try clear packaging: It's not crucial to use a clear container or a transparent box to store your polymer clay cutters, but clear packaging can make it even easier to find your desired cutter.
  4. -Stack them together: Clay cutters typically come in packages, so some of your cutters will be different sizes but have the same shape. This way, you can stack them together and store them in similar groups organized by shape.
  5. -Designate a cutter drawer: Organizing your clay tools is a great way to ensure you can find exactly what you want when you're in the middle of a project, so use a specific drawer for each of your Sculpey® cutters.


Polymer Clay Cutters and Jewelry-Making Tools From Sculpey®

Whatever creation you have in mind, our polymer clay cutters and can bring it to life. If you have a specific piece of jewelry you're envisioning, our high-quality cutters and jewelry-making tools will give you the accuracy you need to create a one-of-a-kind piece. 

With our polymer clay cutters, you'll have a blast making your creations since our exact edges will do all the work for you. Plus, they're easy to use. Whether you try our Sculpey® metal cutters or our other Sculpey Tools™, you'll have no problem incorporating them into your clay routine. 


Buy Polymer Clay Cutters Online From Sculpey®

When you shop with Sculpey®, you're sure to find the right polymer clay cutting tools for your project. We have what you need to create the piece of jewelry or themed creation on your mind. 

Perfect for beginners and seasoned clayers alike, Sculpey® metal cutters are designed for ease of use and are sure to add eye-catching details to your projects! Shop polymer clay cutters today and use them with your favorite clay line for your next Sculpey® creation.