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Non-Dry Clay

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Sculpey Non-Dry™ Modeling Clay 

Perfect for sculpting, claymation videos and hours of creating, Sculpey Non-Dry™ clay is a safe, non-toxic medium that never dries out or hardens. Beginners and seasoned clayers can reuse Sculpey Non-Dry™ clay over and over, making it ideal for freehand modeling and mold-making applications. 

Non-Drying Modeling Clay From Sculpey®

Sculpey® offers five non-dry modeling clay packs:

What Is the Difference Between Modeling Clay and Polymer Clay?

One of the Sculpey® lines of modeling clays, Sculpey Non-Dry™ has many characteristics that set it apart from other types of clay. Both modeling clay and polymer clay have their uses in arts and crafts, but the way they perform differs significantly. 

Drying Characteristics

Sculpey non hardening clay was designed for reusability — you can use it time and time again without it drying out.

Polymer clay, on the other hand, hardens when baked in an oven.

Color and Material 

While modeling clay varieties such as Sculpey Non-Dry™ clay are oil-based, polymer clay uses polyvinyl chloride, a plastic-based material. 

Both modeling clay and polymer clay come in a wide variety of colors. The difference is that modeling clay comes in distinct hues, while polymer clay features a wide array of colors and finishes glitter, metallics, translucents and even granite.


Because Sculpey Non-Dry™ clays are designed explicitly for non-drying applications, they are less durable than polymer clay.

Baked polymer clay is waterproof, making it ideal for jewelry, buttons or home decor accents.


The reusability of modeling clay determines its uses. Sculptors and animators use modeling clay because they can easily rearrange and move characters without worrying about breaking or damaging their creations. Artists use modeling clay to visualize their ideas or as a sketching aid.

Clayers use polymer clay for finished projects. For example, doll makers work with it to form figurines, and jewelry makers use it to craft beautiful beads for earrings and necklaces. 

Get Creative With Non-Dry Modeling Clay From Sculpey®

Sculpey Non-Dry™ modeling clay is perfect for art teachersparents or camp instructors looking to engage kids in creative pursuits. 

We hope you and your child or students jump into the world of Sculpey Non-Dry™ clay, build new skills and create great memories together. Feel free to check out our Create page or browse our Sculpey Non-Dry™ clay variety packs, and you'll be crafting and having tons of fun in no time!