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Sculpey Tools™ Clay Tool Starter Set

Sculpey Tools™ Clay Tool Starter Set

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This set contains three essential tools perfect for a wide range of projects and techniques.  Each tool has dual ends for double the creating fun! 

  • Needle End Pointer to create lines, small holes, textures, fine details and patterns. Use the other end of the needle tool to add detail.
  • Use Knife end to create lines, patterns and cut clay.  Flat end easily smooths, blends and adds patterns and details to clay.
  • Use Blunt Point for small scale sculpting, punching holes, shaping, refining and smoothing clay.  Ball end creates indentations, concave forms and to create curled or wavy edges.
  • All handles are made from polypropylene and are compatible with polymer clay 
  • 3 piece set
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As far as hobbies go, working with polymer clay is one of the best. There are many different designs and creative projects you can try as a player, and using tools is a great way to expand your creativity and talents as an artist.

If you're just getting started with polymer clay, you may have the urge to try out some different techniques with a new set of tools. The Sculpey Tools™ Clay Tool Starter Set comes with three must-have tools, each with dual ends for double the creative fun.

Advantages of Using Polymer Clay and Tools

Polymer clay boasts many advantages over other building and modeling materials — the first being that you don't need a kiln to cure it.

The curing time for clay depends on its thickness and brand — we recommend reading the directions on your clay package for the clay's specific baking instructions.

If you're new to polymer clay, you'll find it incredibly easy to work with, making it suitable for both the novice and skilled crafter. You can make your favorite polymer clay techniques come to life with the following tools:

  • A polymer clay knife tool helps you cut clay or create lines and patterns. Use the flat end of this tool to easily blend, smooth and add details and clay patterns.
  • A blunt point allows you to smooth and refine clay, as well as shape it, punch holes in it and tackle small-scale sculpting. This tool's ball end creates wavy edges, concave forms and indentations on your polymer clay creations.
  • A needle end pointer lets you create fine details and patterns, textures, small holes and lines. Use the other end of the tool to add detail. Also, this tool allows you to create holes in pieces for jewelry making which should be done before baking.

Clay Craft Ideas for Kids and Adults

You can make numerous items from polymer clay, including molds, beading, figurines, holiday ornaments and jewelry. Polymer clay is also a popular choice for those seeking to apply the clay to home decor or other items to create a personalized look. Craft ideas span experience and age levels, ensuring that everyone can participate in the fun.

Use the Polymer Clay Tool Starter Set From Sculpey® to Bring Your Creations to Life

The Sculpey Tools™ Clay Tool Starter Set will provide the tools you need to begin your sculpting journey — we supply the tools, you supply the creativity! With three essential tools, the polymer clay tool starter set from Sculpey® is sure to get your ideas flowing for some new patterns and shaping techniques.

Order the Sculpey Tools™ Clay Tool Starter Set today and browse our inventory of tools and accessories specifically designed for working with polymer clay.

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