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Sculpey Tools™ 8-Inch Acrylic Clay Roller

Sculpey Tools™ 8-Inch Acrylic Clay Roller

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A roller is an essential tool when creating with clay! From rolling out sheets to burnishing textures this indispensable tool will become the way you start all of your clay crafting!

  • Seamless roller smooths without leaving marks
  • 8” length is ideal for rolling large sheets
  • Clear material allows you to see the clay below
  • Easy-to-clean roller has a non-stick surface
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Sculpey Tools™ Acrylic Roller Makes Projects Fun

The Sculpey Tools™ Acrylic Roller is perfect for any project you have in mind. Because it is transparent in color, the roller allows you to see what the clay is doing under your hands. This tool has no seams, so you can trust that your clay will always be thin, smooth and free of marks. The lack of seams also makes the tool easy to clean as clay cannot stick in hard-to-reach areas.

If you want to make jewelry, use the roller to thin your clay out enough so you can cut fun shapes to turn into beads. If you're creating a sculpture, our roller is great for thinning clay to make the smaller details you may need, such as facial features, flower petals and clothing. You can also layer different colored clays together using our roller, which will thoroughly roll out air bubbles and press the layers together.

How to Use Your Polymer Clay Acrylic Roller

We designed our polymer clay acrylic roller to be simple and easy to use. Before you begin rolling your polymer clay, make sure you have a protective covering over your work surface. This is vital for maintaining your work surface's integrity — unbaked clay has properties that can damage furniture and surface finishes. We recommend working on the Sculpey Tools™ Oven-Safe Work Mat, wax paper or a baking sheet.

Once you protect your work area's surface, take a ball of clay and press it down slightly with the roller or your hand. Then, use the roller to flatten the clay to your desired thickness. While rolling out your clay, ensure you are picking up and rotating the clay. This keeps the clay from sticking too much to your protected work surface. Rotating the clay also allows you to disperse the roller's pressure to all sides of the clay, creating a uniform thickness.

Other polymer clay fans have created plenty of projects using the Sculpey Tools™ Acrylic Roller. View their work to find your own inspiration:

Get Creative With Your Sculpey Tools™ Acrylic Roller Today

Sculpey® wants you to find innovative ways to create and craft with your polymer clay. With tools such as the Sculpey Tools™ Acrylic Roller, we hope to inspire you to do something unique.

Whether you're making jewelry, a sculpture or another unique piece, Sculpey® supplies the tools while you supply the creativity. Start working with your 8-inch Sculpey Tools™ Acrylic Roller today, and check out our other polymer clay tools. Order everything you need online today.

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