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Sculpey Tools™ Cutters: Irregular Oval, 3 pc

Sculpey Tools™ Cutters: Irregular Oval, 3 pc

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Get the perfect shape every time with these cutters! Three graduated sizes allow you to mix and match in your projects!  Perfect for adding dimension and layering. Great for DIY home décor, jewelry and more! 

  • Perfect for jewelry, paper crafting, home décor and more! 
  • Perfect for adding dimensions to your clay projects.
  • Three  Graduated sizes: .5”, 1”, 1.5”  
  • Easily cuts through Oven-Bake clay 
  • Tip – to get round edges cover the clay with plastic wrap and then use the cutters
  • Material – Stainless Steel  
  • Wipes clean with soap and water
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Sculpey Tools™ Cutters: Irregular Oval, 3 pc

Whenever you want to make irregular ovals for your clay projects, you can use polymer clay shape cutters from Sculpey®. Our Sculpey Tools™ Cutters: Irregular Oval, 3 pc set is the easiest way to get the perfect shape every time. You can use the circle clay cutters to make unusual shapes quickly.

Polymer Clay Cutters

Using circle polymer clay cutters for your projects is a simple way to create uniform pieces for all of your clay projects. You can use the Sculpey Tools™ irregular oval cutters for various projects, such as accessories or additional decorations for a bigger clay creation. The pack includes three different cutter sizes, so you can create multiple irregular ovals and add dimension to your projects.

Whether you use single colors or mix clay for a marbling effect or pattern, the clay cutters can help you create unique items that you and others will love.

4 Fun Project Ideas for Circle Clay Cutters

The irregular oval polymer clay cutters are excellent additions to your clay supplies. You can express your creativity and have fun making numerous irregular oval pieces when you use the cutters. Below are just a few fun projects you can create.

1. Jewelry

Use the polymer clay cutters to make beautiful and eye-catching jewelry pieces, from earrings to necklaces and bracelets. The irregular oval sizes can help you add dimension to your jewelry. You can layer the smaller sizes on the biggest oval to create a 3D effect for a gem-like pendant for a necklace. You can also stack the medium and large ovals to create a dangling earring.

The smallest irregular oval can become beautiful beads for a minimalist bracelet, or you can make a stunning chunky bangle with the medium-sized oval. The irregular oval clay cutters can help you quickly make stylish jewelry that matches your aesthetic.

2. Home Decor

The irregular ovals are unique shapes that can help you design exciting home decor pieces. You can design an appealing pattern for coasters using irregular ovals in multiple colors. The coasters can have a mosaic-esque effect, depending on how you place and organize each piece.

You can also use the cutters to make flower petals for any home decor project you're working on, like a vase or centerpiece.

3. Miniature Houses

If you're interested in making miniature houses or decorating small dollhouses with clay pieces, use the irregular oval cutters. The ovals can imitate cobblestone shapes for a realistic walkway or on the side of a house. You can use the cutters to quickly and easily make all the detailed cobblestones for miniature houses.

4. Abstract Art

You can also make abstract art using irregular ovals. Creating art without boundaries helps your creativity flow. The circle clay cutters are an easy tool to use when you need to make new shapes for your art project quickly. Making abstract art can be a relaxing pastime or a great way to introduce clay to kids.

Purchase Sculpey Tools™ Cutters: Irregular Oval, 3 pc Today

Are you ready to have a tool that makes cutting irregular shapes a breeze? Order your Sculpey Tools™ Cutters: Irregular Oval, 3 pc today to begin crafting with ease.

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