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Sculpey Tools™ Clay Extruder

Sculpey Tools™ Clay Extruder

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Whether you want to create small, unique shapes for a bracelet or make hair for a sculpture, our Sculpey Tools™ Clay Extruder is the perfect tool. The polymer clay extruder is a stainless steel tool that you can use to manually mold your clay into something new. Create the pieces you need to finish your project by inserting your clay in the barrel and pressing the clay out — it's a simple, easy way to get creative. 

  • 19 interchangeable discs 
  • Great for making clovers, ropes, grass, hair and more!
  • Material die-cast steel
  • Easily disassembles for cleanup.
  • Clean up tip - bake the barrel at 250 °F (121 °C) for 15 minutes. Let cool, and then gently chip out any clay residue.
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How the Sculpey Tools™ Clay Extruder Makes Crafting Fun

At Sculpey®, we want to encourage our clayers to make innovative and original polymer clay creations. That's why our Sculpey Tools™ Clay Extruder comes with 19 interchangeable discs you can use to create a multitude of shapes and textures. From hair and grass to clover-shaped beads and layered polymer clay, our extruder lets you turn your jewelry, sculptures and other projects into special pieces.

Our polymer clay extruder is also easy to clean. Thanks to its stainless steel design, you can clean the tool using your oven. Once you're finished with your polymer clay extruder, take the device apart. Then, place the parts on a baking tray and let them bake for 15 minutes at 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Pull the pieces out of the oven when they're done — don't touch them as they will be very hot. Once you give the tools time to cool, you can chip any residual clay off with ease.

How to Use Your Polymer Clay Extruder for Projects

Your extruder comprises four main pieces — the barrel, end cap, interchangeable discs and plunger. To begin using your extruder, roll your clay out to match the diameter and length of the barrel. Once you mold your clay to fit in the barrel, place the mold into the barrel. Choose a disc and secure it on the extruder's front end by twisting on the end cap.

After you secure the disc, insert the plunger into the other side of the barrel and apply slight pressure with your hand. It may take a few seconds, but then watch the tool squeeze out your polymer clay in the shape of whichever disc you chose.

If you need some inspiration, check out these projects other Sculpey® crafters made with their polymer clay extruder:

Get Creative With Your Sculpey Tools™ Clay Extruder Today

At Sculpey®, we want you to discover new ways to create and craft with your polymer clay. With tools such as the Sculpey Tools™ Clay Extruder, we hope to inspire you to do something great. Whether you're making jewelry, a sculpture or another unique piece, trust Sculpey® to supply quality tools that offer new possibilities.

Start working with your Sculpey Tools™ Clay Extruder today, and check out other Sculpey® polymer clay tools. When you're ready to start creating, order everything you need online.