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Sculpey III® Stacked Christmas Tree Ornament

Sculpey III® Stacked Christmas Tree Ornament

Designed by Amy Koranek
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This simple technique makes a mirror image each time you cut into. It translates nicely to this stacked tree for a simple Christmas design.

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  • Tree template (provided)
  • Scissors
  • Iridescent glitter
  • 10mm Gold tone jump ring
  • 8mm Gold tone jump rings (9)
  • 6mm Gold tone jump rings (4)
  • Ribbon
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Project Instructions
    Getting Started:
Please make sure your work area is covered and you are not working on an unprotected surface. We recommend working on the Sculpey® Oven-Safe Work Mat, wax paper, metal baking sheet, or disposable foil. Uncured clay may damage unprotected furniture or finished surfaces. Be sure to cover your crafting area appropriately.

Start with clean hands, unwrap and knead clay until soft and smooth, or condition by running clay though a Pasta Machine. We recommend using a designated machine for clay purposes only. When working with multiple colors, clean hands with soap and water or baby wipes (we have found that baby wipes work best) before switching colors. Shape clay, pressing pieces firmly together. Wash hands after use.

Begin by preheating oven to 275 °F (130 °C). After you are done creating; for best results bake clay on an oven-proof surface such metal, aluminum foil, an index card or the Sculpey® Clay Mat at 275°F (130 °C) for 15 minutes per 1/4" (6 mm) thickness according to package directions. Oven safe glass or ceramic surfaces are also acceptable for baking; however please note that the baking times may take longer as the glass or ceramic surfaces take longer to heat up. For best baking results, use an oven thermometer. DO NOT USE MICROWAVE OVEN. DO NOT EXCEED THE ABOVE TEMPERATURE OR RECOMMENDED BAKING TIME.
Roll 1/4 bar of White Sculpey III® into a little rod.
Roll 1/8 bar of Tan into four flat little bands the same length as the White rod.
Roll 1/8 bar of Red Hot Red into four flat little bands the same length as the White rod.
The White has a tendency to stain easily when it comes into contact with the Red Hot Red. For this reason, we are going to completely enclose the White inside the other colors so we don’t transfer colors onto it while we are working the design.

Press the Tan bands onto the White rod leaving little gaps between each band. Bend the bands over the ends of the White log. If your bands are too long feel free to trim them.
Press the Red Hot Red bands in the gaps between the Tan stripes trimming as necessary.
Roll and twist the rod so that it gets thinner and striped.
Keep rolling and twisting until you have a striped rope about 8” long. Fold the rope in half and then in half again.
Roll and twist the rope again to smooth out the seams.
If you want you can use the provided template to make your tree shape.
Push and pull the log with your hands so that it forms a thick triangle shape. The size of the tree is 2.75” across the bottom and 3.5” tall. You will want to make your clay shape at least 3.5” tall, but only half as wide - 1 3/8”.
Next, stand the triangle shape on one of the long edges. Carefully cut it in half cross sectioning it into two pieces as evenly as possible with the Clay Blade.
Open the pieces like you would a book and notice how you have a beautiful pattern that is mirrored on both sides.
Carefully match the sides together down the center line so that the mirror image pattern is visible. Push from the sides inward so that the pieces connect down the middle.
Roll over the shape with the roller to flatten slightly and to give a nice neat appearance to the top surface.
Use the template to trim away the outside edges to make a nice triangle shape. Also use the template as a guide to divide the tree into four equal sections.
Roll 1/8 bar of Tan into a flat piece and cut out a flat topped triangle for the tree trunk.
We will need a star, so make a 1/2” diameter ball from Red Hot Red. Roll the ball in iridescent glitter.
Flatten the ball into a thick pancake. Push five divots into the sides with the side of the Blunt Point Tool.
Pinch each petal that you formed in Step 17 out into a point. Poke a hole through the center of the star. Make the hole nice and large so that you can use it to attach the star to the top of the tree and also accommodate the ribbon for hanging.
Before baking we will insert the jump rings as connectors into the clay. Insert 8mm jump rings half way into the top and bottom edges of each of the tree pieces. Make sure you are inserting the jump rings in the center of each edge so that the tree will hang straight when assembled. Once the jump ring is half way into the clay, pinch the clay to the ring in place.

Insert an 8mm jump ring into the top edge of the trunk and pinch it into place.
Bake the tree parts, trunk, and star following the baking instructions for Sculpey III®. When the pieces are completely cool, connect them to each other using the 6mm jump rings and flat nose pliers.

Connect the star to the top of the tree with a 10mm jump ring. Add a ribbon to the star.