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Sculpey Non-Dry™ Monster Pals

Sculpey Non-Dry™ Monster Pals

Designed by Sherman Oberson
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These cool little monsters are as fun to create as they are to play with.  We bet you can think of a lot of monster friends to play with them!

TIME TO COMPLETE: 30 minutes 

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  • toothpick or clay tool for texture
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Project Instructions
    Getting Started:
Please make sure your work area is covered. We recommend working on the Sculpey® Oven-Safe Work Mat, wax paper, or disposable foil.

Start with clean hands, unwrap and knead clay until soft and smooth. Wash hands after use. This clay doesn’t dry out so after you are done playing with it put it in a container that will protect it from dirt and dust. Does not need to be an air-tight container as this clay will never dry out.
To make Ughbert:
Let’s start by color mixing the clay to get the colors we need:
Take a big ball of blue clay and mix with a smaller ball of white clay and blend together until you get light blue clay.

Do the same with the green clay and a smaller ball of white clay to get light green.

Tear both colors into random size pieces and mix with blue clay to get the mottled color for his body.
To make his body take an oval of the mottled clay and squeeze the middle to get his neck. Roll two snakes of the mottled clay and taper one end to make his arms.

Roll two fatter snakes to make his legs, bend the wider side to make feet. Attach them to his body.

Roll a thin long snake to make his tail, attach a ball of mottled clay to the end, use a toothpick or clay tool to texture it. Attach the tail to his back.
To make his face flatten a small oval of white clay to make teeth, use a toothpick to make teeth. Attach to his head.

Take a small teardrop shape of mottled clay and attach it above his teeth for a nose.

Take two small balls of white clay to make eyes, use a toothpick to make eyeballs. Attach above his nose.

Use white clay to make two horn by taking two snakes and tapering one end. Attach on either side of his face. Take a tiny strip of light blue clay and texture with a toothpick cut in half and wrap around each horn.
For his cookie take a ball of brown clay flatten it and remove a chunk. Take white clay and make some small balls and taper the top to make chips, attach to cookie.

To make Slugnasius
Take a big ball of black clay for his body.

Roll out eight thin snakes of blue clay and brown clay, twist them together to make his tentacles. Twist them into random shapes and attach to the bottom of his body.
Roll out two snakes of white clay to make teeth, flatten and use a toothpick to make teeth.
Make two cones of white clay for fangs, place on his face.
Make two black snakes for his lips, The bottom one is a bit smaller, attach under his teeth.
Flatten the top of the top lip and attach to his face above his teeth.
Make cheeks from two halves of a ball of black clay and place each next to his fangs.
To make eyes take five random size balls of white clay and flatten.
Take five tiny balls of blue clay and flatten to make eyeballs. Attach them to his eyes.
To make eyelids flatten five balls of black clay and attach to the top of his eyes.
Place his eyes on the top of his head.